Discover your soul's secrets with new Oracle cards from visionary artist Jean La Ronde

Discover your soul’s secrets with NEW Oracle cards from visionary artist Jean La Ronde

We are all looking for answers and more than a little hope right now and well-known spirit artist Jean La Ronde may well be the inspiration as her dynamic and colourful artwork is imbued with spiritual energy.

And NEW for this spring, Jean has created a deck of healing Oracle cards you can use at home to channel your soul’s inner thoughts.

Essex-based artist, healer and creator of Spiritual Balance practice and Heaven Mists, Jean believes that the frequencies being streamed onto the planet right now by higher beings of light are connecting with us with upgrades that align with our souls' purpose.

Meant to awaken the sleeping aspects of our subconscious minds and helping us to realise why we have been incarnated at this time and – importantly - how we can move forward in our spiritual journey.

To receive this activation from spirit all you have to do is look into the artwork and absorb the energy! The charismatic Oracle cards hold an etheric key to unlock the subconscious mind helping to promote enlightenment and opening the doorway to an inner ‘knowing’ while giving healing on a deep cellular level.

When receiving an activation the Oracle cards you are working with can send messages to our cells to restructure and upgrade our DNA. This, in turn, allows more light into our mind, body spirit and emotional body. It also helps to expand our aura – the colourful energy field that surrounds every one of us – giving us a feeling of connection, peace and wellbeing.

Jean connects to her spirit guides and angels to gather up the healing light and spirit energies that are captured in her art.

She says: “Anyone with a highly developed third eye will be able to see the spirit within the images and those that can't will feel or sense them so that everyone can benefit.

All of the images will speak to you at a deep personal level, connecting your soul to either a loved one in spirit or speaking directly to you on a level that connects you to the multiverse - opening you up to divine possibilities!”

It’s at this time on earth that spirits are connecting through art colours and sound more than ever before. Using and working with Oracle cards and spiritual artwork is one way they can communicate and send their message of love, light peace and unity. Raising our spiritual vibrations to the highest levels at this time is one of the greatest ways we can heal ourselves and others around us.

Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's not only what you see with the physical eye but what you can see, sense and feel with your third eye, your intuition. Sometimes you have to look beyond the beyond taking a deeper more introspective look to find answers you’ve been searching for!

Jean La Ronde’s Oracle costs retail for £20, plus £2.95 postage and packing, available to buy at

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