Neo tantra teacher Stella Ralfini and the joy of sex toys for better relationships

The year 2020 will surely go down as a make or break year for relationships as any positive or negative traits we see in our partners may well have been highlighted as we spend more time together. This is why, according to Neo Tantra sex teacher and best-selling author Stella Ralfini, it’s more important than ever to spend time on your love life to help rekindle the magic!

Contrary to being something that only celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sting have time for, Stella reveals that Tantra is suitable for couples of any age or sexual persuasion, heightens love, desire, passion and reignites dying sparks. Tantra is also the most playful form of lovemaking there is so lends itself beautifully to the use of sex toys which this year have seen sales soar and which will be included in her newly created Tantra Love Camp Couples Workshops starting February 2021 and available throughout the UK.

Stella says: “I decided to check out a sex toy shop to wise up on what was available and include some of what I think would work best in my forthcoming workshops. I Googled ‘Sh Emporium’ which was the name of a sex toy shop in Hoxton someone recommended. This was no sleezy backstreet Soho operation. Things had come a very long way since my one encounter with a sex toy shop twenty years earlier so I went along and what a pleasant surprise lay in wait.

I looked at the games. ‘Pathway to Pleasure’ ticked my box. It promised a journey to awaken the senses equal to the destination which truly expresses what Tantra is about. Thinking about games, an idea struck me – what about a mini fantasy scenario that could appeal to all? Long black lacy gloves, black lacy knickers and an ostrich feather in purple or red was all it would take. I found all and imagined her lover’s delight when she appeared from the bathroom wearing her black lace enticements …But what else could she do to release the Tantra goddess within after that? I’m a fan of erotic dance and know few who wouldn’t consider it a turn on so checked the music section and found something called Petit Bonbons Strip Tease Music which was purrfect.

Since vibrators and clitoris stimulators are the highest selling sex toys, I checked out their range. There were well over 100 to choose from. On those, I took the manager’s advice. The ‘Satisfier Pro2 Next Generation suction based clitoral stimulator’ was apparently selling like hot cakes and with eleven settings I could see why. Next up was ‘Bliss G Vibe’ for G spot juicing. The G spot is much easier to locate with the help of such a toy so that also went in my basket. For mutual pleasure, the recommendation was a ‘Duo cock ring’ with 10 settings. This sex toy sits snugly over shaft of penis and testicles and emits strong vibrations to amp up sexual excitement for both. The best position was for the man to lay on his back with the woman on top so she could manouvre her body to exactly where it hit the clitoris.

I came away from Sh Emporium with many innovative new ideas to ensure my Tantra couples sex life sizzles and am currently working on fantasy scenarios where all can be used.

Tantra Love Camp Couples online Workshops begin February 2021 to coincide with Valentine’s Day. For more information, write to Stella Ralfini, qualified Tantra teacher and founder of Tantra Love Camp at

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