Stella Ralfini natural beauty guru has ageing fabulously -SORTED!

In this age of ageless women, Stella Ralfini, 73, is an excellent example of a youthful, vibrant golden oldie.

An expert in the field of natural health and beauty, with a NEW book called Sensual Sorcery selling globally, the majority of Stella’s clients are 45 upwards. As she said: ‘From then until 60 are crucial years and in many ways, make or break time. That is when a woman can start to feel unattractive, confidence dips, wrinkle concerns rattle, body shape expands and weight can become hard to shift.’

Stella provides solutions for all using fruits, veg, herbs, essential oils and nearly everything in the kitchen cupboard and shares her recipes and remedies on her social media channels to encourage women back to Mother Nature. For her one on clients, Stella uses proven mind empowerment techniques to uncover blockages that previously halted their progress. ‘Transformation begins with the mind,’ Stella said. ‘When that is mastered, the rest becomes pleasurable and goals are more easily achieved.’

For 50+ clients, Stella advises on which beauty treatments will enhance features without distorting face shape and is a mine of knowledge when it comes to which injectables should be combined with which for best results. ‘If you just treat a specific area, it won't look natural. If you use just Botox, you get a frozen look. Hyaluronic acid injectables take away expression. Plastic surgery takes away wrinkles but often results in unrealistically, stretched looking face.’

Until two years ago, Stella was perfectly content with her Mother Nature creations and twice yearly combo of injectables but saw the time coming when she’d need extra help. A firm believer that PDO thread face lifts will shortly replace plastic surgery, and are a fantastic more-natural alternative, she tried minor PDO procedures in the UK which cost £2000 but showed no difference.

Being of tenacious nature, Stella continued her research, finally found a surgeon of worth at reasonable cost and for her 73rd birthday had two PDO threads in her cheeks and two around jaw line. ‘My skin is in such great condition due to the amount of regular Mother Nature dedication it gets, I didn’t need additional threads but was so happy with result, I decided to become a PDO pioneer and find a solution for flabby underarms since despite my efforts, that’s the only body area I haven’t found a long term solution for.’

Now together with her popular Body Transformation skin, body and confidence courses, available on-line and face to face, Stella can offer everything any woman needs to feel good about themselves whatever their age!

Stella is available for expert comment, anti-ageing recipe tips and advice and empowerment coaching.

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