Hay Fever - New natural drug-free range for all the family

A range of hay fever products based on the proven antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils launches March 8th .

By helping to interrupt sneezing fits, ease the itchy, stuffy feeling that comes with hay fever and sensitivity to allergens like dust and pets, Breaze offers the first completely natural 24 hour approach to making hay fever more bearable. Suitable from 2 years, Breaze is a drug free option for all the family. In user trials, 80% of participants said that Breaze helped during the hay fever season.

Two products provide a convenient, easy to use regime for wraparound day and night-time use.

By day, Breaze Vapour Oil offers an easy, convenient way to combat the effects of pollen and allergens while out and about – a few drops on a tissue or hanky can be inhaled for instant comfort, easing an itchy stuffy nose for clear easy breathing.

For sleepless, stuffy nights, Breaze Pillowcase is infused with millions of motion activated capsules filled with Breaze Vapour Oil. Soothing vapours are slowly released during sleep all thorough the night for up to 14 nights. Made from natural viscose, the disposable pillowcase is compostable and biodegradable.

Both are priced at £6.95 each with discounts of up to 30% when bought together.

80% of participants in a 40 person user trial reported that their day time symptoms were eased and that they slept better while using the products. Some also reported an improvement in puffy, sticky eyes in the mornings.

Breaze was developed by Sam Fells as a way to help her teenage son cope with his allergies to pollen, pets and dust. With a background in natural healthcare (Sam used to manage the vitamins, supplements and traditional medicines range at Boots) she was keen to find a way to help Theo without always resorting to antihistamine tablets which made him drowsy.

Explains Sam, “Avoiding allergens and taking antihistamines is good advice but closing the windows in the heat of the summer and washing your hair the minute you walk through the door it isn’t always practical! Hay fever medicines are very effective but can have unpleasant side effects for some people. Plus there’s a real interest in a more natural approach. I wanted to see if there was another way to make life more bearable.

“I knew there were certain essential oils which have documented antihistamine properties so I began by researching which ones had data to support the claims,” she explains. “Once I’d got a basic formulation I tried it out on a few willing friends and colleagues and it seemed to work for them.”

In 2016, 40 people with hay fever were invited to take part in a user trial. The results were really encouraging and since then Sam has been working to develop and launch the range. “We did a small market test in 2018 and got some great feedback from real customers which has given us the confidence to move to launch more widely in 2019,” says Sam. Although intended for use alongside conventional hay fever and allergy treatments, Breaze’s natural credentials and suitability for younger children has made it popular as a stand-alone alternative with mums and anyone who’d prefer not to reach for the pill packet as a first line of defence.

The University of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy will conduct a further controlled study on the products this year. The results will be available in August.

Breaze products are available now at www.breazehealth.com and www.amazon.co.uk


Contact Sam Fells on 01476 572958 or sam@breazehealth.com for more information

Notes to Editors

Hay fever affects an estimated 15 million adults in the UK

7 in 10 people treat their symptoms with conventional remedies

The number of people with hay fever is increasing. Kantar World Panel 2017 reported that 31% of adults in the UK say they suffer up from 27% in 2016.

Half of all hay fever sufferers also have allergies to other airborne allergens like pet dander and house dust.

Breaze Health Ltd was established in 2018 and is a small family owned and run business based in Lincolnshire.

Breaze is a complementary therapy which has been shown in user trials to help people with hay fever. It is not a licenced medicine or medical device.

The Breaze formulation is a natural blend of 10 essential oils* known for their therapeutic properties including:

Lavender Oil (1 )– known to be a natural antihistamine inhibiting production of histamine and suppressing inflammatory responses in the airways.

Clove Leaf Oil (2) – known to inhibit allergic responses, reduce inflammation and histamine response 2

Lemon Oil (3) - reduces nasal mucous and throat inflammation and said to be a good alternative to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis

Eucalyptus Oil (4,5) - a powerful decongestant and natural expectorant which reduces nasal congestion and aids in clear and easy breathing

Chamomile Oil (6 )- Has been shown to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes and to help to calm the respiratory tract.

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