Take your dog from ruff to ripped! Healthy Nibbles launches healthy dog snacking Healthy Kibbles

A pioneering health food company has launched its latest range of tasty treats for a previously overlooked family member.

According to the RSCPA website the UK had over 9m dogs 2 years ago and as widely reported, many households have bought puppies during lockdown (in fact a staggering 3m new pets entered our homes in the last year according to the BBC).

Healthy Nibbles are committed to helping everyone live life better by providing the greatest choice of snacking products and has today launched a box that will give dog owners reason to feel cheerful.

Healthy Kibbles launches today, April 1st, as a means of ensuring that man’s best friend is able to snack healthily.

Company founder Sara Roberts said: "Healthy Kibbles is the answer to dog owners worried that perhaps, like many humans, their dogs have gained some covid weight due to unhealthy treats from the table during lockdown, and that their overall fitness and wellbeing has been affected.”

The full range of products is available here https://www.healthynibbles.co.uk/pages/shop.


Notes to editors

Healthy Nibbles also offers snack boxes catering for a range of dietary requirements including vegan, gluten-free, protein and keto.

Further information is available via https://www.healthynibbles.co.uk/

Dog population and lockdown pet adoption statistics available from www.rspca.org.uk and https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56362987

Notes to Editors

The Healthy Nibbles story began when its Founder, Sara, was at her father’s hospital bedside. Hungry, at 3 am, she found that the only food available was from a vending machine. A poster next to the machine warned her ominously that “diabetes and obesity kill.” But the machine offered only the usual selection of crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks; there were no healthy choices. Frustrated by this juxtaposition, and alongside her personal wellness journey, Sara developed the concept of Healthy Nibbles. Today, she is leading the charge by bringing healthy out-of-home choices to UK offices, travel hubs and letterboxes.

The need for Healthy Nibbles is clear and simple, yet urgent. Rising levels of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are placing significant burdens on the UK economy. Businesses are losing 97m workdays annually due to poor diet. The NHS is at breaking point. The time for preventative healthcare is now.

Healthy Nibbles are committed to enabling healthier choices, providing an opportunity for people to make positive lifestyle choices beginning with their health. Our goal is to help companies and organisations improve their culture, pioneer new workplace wellness ideas thereby increasing health, happiness and productivity.

As a business, Healthy Nibbles is built with strong foundations and robust principles. We are made up of a team of skilled people who have similar goals and ambitions, committed to building a sustainable business with purpose.

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Healthy Nibbles enable healthier home, on-the-go and office-based food solutions, underpinned by personalised nutrition & data to support the wellbeing of employees. Healthy Nibbles offer: Workplace Wellbeing Solutions: unmanned retail, healthy vending, snack boxes, data and analytics eCommerce: healthy snacks boxes and gifting delivered direct to homes

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