‘Dare to be Vegan’ Marketplace secures massive business growth

When the Co-founders of MettaLife online marketplace first set out with their dreams to build a business based on their loyalty for a vegan and ethical lifestyle, the first few months were tough.

The pressure to turn a blind eye and include less ethical, cheaper products on their platform became tempting, due to being contacted by larger unethical consumer groups.

MettaLife is an e-commerce platform committed to giving ethically-focused businesses the opportunity to sell their goods and products across the UK.

Designed specifically for small businesses that support ethical living and sell vegan and sustainable products. MettaLife is determined to make a difference through its innovative and trustworthy platform.

By continuing to build MettaLife with integrity and an ethos of a cruelty-free life, the hard work and belief in what they were doing began to pay-off. MettaLife are proud to announce that in their first year they have over 100 ethical vegan UK brands onboard.

‘We want everyone to start thinking about what they buy. Knowing where your products come from and what they are made of has a massive impact not only on the environment but also on the people that make them’ commented Sharon Hemmings MettaLife co-founder.

More and more people try Veganuary each year. This can have a positive impact on health and the environment, but there are still many sceptics. MettaLife believes people who are against veganism are invariably those who have never tried it.

As Veganism grows and more non-vegans look to buy cruelty-free products and gifts. MettaLife has enjoyed a massive growth of sales in the last 3 months of 2020.

Sharon Hemmings added ‘The incredible support for our small independent brands has been overwhelming. We will continue to encourage more people to ‘Dare to be Vegan’ going into 2021.


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About MettaLife

MettaLife is an ethical vegan marketplace with over 100 UK Eco-friendly small businesses. Each ethical brand that MettaLife selects and has partnered with, has been chosen because they share the same ethics with us. Working to bring you a unique kind and cruelty-free shopping experience online. Better for all of us and our planet. MettaLife was founded by Sharon & Annie (mother & daughter) in 2019. Sharon and Annie combined their many strengths to embark on this already thriving business. With an aspiration that is close to the whole family’s hearts. A shared belief that every creature on this Earth deserves kindness. It is our equal responsibility to make this our mission. We showcase brands, big and small, that specialise in:- Vegan gifts Natural & organic beauty Ethical homewares Healthy lifestyle All good for you and for the planet, to make vegan, eco-friendly and ethically conscious shopping a dream! MettaLife is now here to make it possible to live by your ideals.

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