Sanomentology helping to resolve mental and spiritual issues through the power of dreams

When it comes to healing our minds and bodies, the simplest solutions are often the most effective. Sanomentology is a therapy that harnesses one of the most powerful innate processes our minds are capable of; the power of dreams.

Our dreams are the conduit through which our physical bodies are connected with our minds. There is no denying that our dreams also connect us with our spiritual side; whether we recognise it or not. When we dream, our subconscious takes control.

There has always been debate among scientists, spiritualists, and everyone else about what it means to dream and the significance of dreams. But there has never been any doubt that dreams have healing power, enabling us to resolve internal issues and conflicts. Since the days of Ancient Greece, philosophers and theologians have sought to harness the power of dreams. The modern practice of lucid dreaming is anchored in understanding the unique power and possibilities that our dreams hold.

Unfortunately, the modern world is full of stress and fear. These negative emotions poison our subconscious and prevent us from benefitting from our dreams to the extent that we should. Our subconscious is constantly bombarded with input from TV, social media, and other digital platforms. This information overload means that our brains' amygdala is too preoccupied with sorting out real and imagined dangers to do its job properly.

Sanomentology is a series of protocols and processes that enable practitioners to regain control over their amygdala and restore the ancient practice of using dreams as healing tools. Instead of allowing our dreams to proceed in a random, chaotic way, sanomentology gives us back the control we have lost.

Martin Rothery, the founder and Creator, described it as: "A perfect blend of therapeutic processes that breaks down the barriers between psychology, philosophy, theology, and science." Sanomentology takes ancient practices and builds upon them using modern science. Through Sanomentology, we can resolve mental and spiritual issues most automatically through the power of dreams. This is a healing process with the potential to change the world.

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