360 Law Group Becomes First in UK to Offer Remote Insolvency Solution – NOW APPROVED BY COMPANIES HOUSE

Shortly following the Corona Virus Outbreak, 360 Law Group Provided a New Video Signing Service to Insolvency Practitioners and Professionals to enable them to have documents witnessed by Solicitors.

We issued a press Release to that effect through JournoLink on 02/04/2020 16:45

We are now informed by Companies House that they will accept “Declarations of Solvency sworn via video”.

Once again 360 Law Group were at the forefront in developing a low-cost solution to a legal problem, this time allowing Insolvency Practitioners and other Professionals to continue to trade and companies experiencing difficulties to avoid sanctions for trading whilst insolvent.

Our solution allows Solicitors to: i) hold video calls; ii) validate identity documents; and iii) digitally sign documents such as Declarations of Solvency in the same session. The sessions are recorded, and a wav file is then made available to the Insolvency Practitioner and their clients along with the signed and witnessed document.

Though the system was initially developed for Insolvency Practitioners, any statutory documents may be signed, with the exception of a deed.

Robert Taylor, CEO & General Counsel of 360 Law Group commented:

“This is a further example of our innovative approach and continued drive to make law more cost effective and accessible for businesses the world over. In these unprecedented economic circumstances, where meetings cannot take place, we can help by delivering remote law services to businesses. Our recent work will reshape the future of an industry which traditionally has been driven by face-to-face meetings.”


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