New startup turns small Good Deeds into Big Money for charity

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A million Good Deeds.”

Every Good Deed posted on the platform earns £5 for charity. And tech companies are making it happen.

Business members of EthicalMuch are sponsoring Good Deeds, and individual members are doing them, posting them on the site, and choosing which charities to benefit.

Business members already include food tech company Winnow Solutions and Leeds based tech company Equiniti Credit Services, who sponsored 75 Good Deeds.

Individual Members do good deeds, post them on the platform, and choose a charity to receive £5 for each one. In the few weeks since launch more than a dozen different charities have already received donations this way, including Oxfam, Mind, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and more.

Founder Bird Lovegod says “EthicalMuch members can also post their good news and positive ideas, and business members can do the same. It’s a space for intelligent and ethical news and opinions. It’s a truly social media.”

“It’s also a way for everyone to raise funds for charity simply by doing small acts of kindness and good deeds. Everyone on Ethical Much becomes a charity fundraiser. It’s a way to transform society. And doing Good Deeds makes you feel good.”

“Literally, you can walk in the park, pick up litter, and raise money for environmental charities as you go. You can buy a homeless person a cup of tea, and choose a charity to receive £5. EthicalMuch enables everyone to do good, and turn those good deeds into significant money for charity. Members doing the Good Deeds are also rewarded with mystery prizes, discount vouchers, and goodies. Everyone wins. Our big vision is a million Good Deeds on the platform and £5million to charity as a result.”

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A million Good Deeds.” Bird Lovegod

Editors notes:

About the founder: Bird Lovegod

Artist, writer, tech entrepreneur, former hippy, Bird Lovegod co founded a financial technology media company in London in 2015 and exit-ed in 2018.

Moving back to Sheffield and considering his next steps he worked as a charity fundraiser for 4 months, raising money for Diabetes UK and British Heart Foundation. This helped inspire the idea, and six months later he co founded EthicalMuch Limited in conjunction with Manchester web agency Under2. Agency

About the company: EthicalMuch Limited

EthicalMuch is a members social platform, charging a small monthly fee instead of carrying advertising.

Individuals, businesses and charities have all joined as members since launch.

The platform went fully live in March 2019.

The aim is to create a totally ethical social media, whilst generating a million good deeds and raising £5m for charity.

So far, there is an abundance of sponsorship for good deeds.

Interestingly, the platform creates a supply and demand for them.

Probably a World’s first.

Other mentions:

Equiniti Credit Services has the UK Head Office in Leeds. They provide advanced consumer credit technology and outsourced services to banks and other lending institutions.

Winnow Solutions are a bCorp in the food technology sector.

For more information call or text Bird Lovegod directly on 07535 670 581 or email


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Ethical Much is a UK media platform for ethically minded people and companies. When a Good Deed is posted on the platform by a member £3 is donated to a charity. All other posts trigger a £1 donation. The platform launched in Spring 2019.

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