New 'totally ethical' media platform donates £1 to charity for every post made. And doesn't sell advertising.

The platform,, has been quietly launching in 'stealth mode', and has a completely different business model to conventional platforms. It is, according to co founder Bird Lovegod, himself an artist, journalist, and experienced media founder, 'powered by ethics'. What does this mean in practice? Bird explains,

”Firstly, we prevent fake accounts accounts being created. Every member pays a £1 a year membership to authenticate themselves as a real human. This means no fake or bot accounts, and that means no fake news or trolls. It's that simple.

Secondly, we have no advertisers. Instead we have sponsors, including Ethical.Money, who contribute financially. Out of the sponsorship revenues we commit up to 50% to charity each month. Currently this means every post a member makes on the platform triggers a £1 donation. Our preferred charity at the moment is Snowdrop project, they support survivors of human trafficking in the UK. So every post creates a £1 donation to them from our sponsors. We'll be adding some new charities later into next year, so members can choose their favourite causes to benefit.

Thirdly, if members post a Good Deed, we have sponsors that donate £3 each time. Even the smallest Good Deed generates a £3 donation, again, to Snowdrop Project. only went live this year, and we've been adjusting the system and making sure everything works and balances, which it now does. As we gradually scale we'll evolve and become the friendliest, kindest, most positively impactful platform possible. We aren't aiming to be the biggest, we're aiming to be the most ethical. By joining the site, every member is raising money for charity with every post. Members also receive goodies and free gifts, as thank you's”.

Tim Day, ethical investment adviser from financial advisory firm Ethical.Money, had this to say About "It's a great platform for encouraging the best in people and sharing positive news that both inspires and reassures readers that positive change is possible."

Tim Day, from financial advisory firm Ethical.Money, is available to comment on any articles regarding Ethical Investing.

Bird Lovegod, co founder of is available to comment on art, fintech, technology, ethics in business, and humanitarian intervention art.

07535 670 581

Bird recently returned from Cambodia where he confirmed his theory that it is in fact possible to save someones life, as art.

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Ethical Much is a UK media platform for ethically minded people and companies. When a Good Deed is posted on the platform by a member £3 is donated to a charity. All other posts trigger a £1 donation. The platform launched in Spring 2019.

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