3 Mums Give Away £47 Million and Set Up COVID-19 Recovery Curriculum Summit

A Headteacher of more than 20 Years Experience, an Occupational Therapist and an Education Specialist, have joined forces to set up a COVID-19 Recovery Curriculum Summit, whilst gifting every school, throughout the United Kingdom, with online Training.

Their personal mission is to assist teachers with a Handwriting Assessment Training, an Emotional Recovery Training and a Recovery Curriculum. Their wish is to ensure teachers will know how to assess which children need help with their basic literacy skills, as a result of "Lost Learning" during the Lockdown and how to deliver an intervention that will ensure they do not fall behind academically. Their magnanimous offer has been snapped up by no less than 21,400 UK schools in just three weeks, equating to a staggering £47 Million "gift" to the United Kingdom Government and its Department of Education.

The data from a recent BESA study shows that the attainment gap will now be widened by more than two years, for those children from a lower socio-economic background. With COVID-19 negatively impacting on millions of children that should have been learning from home during the Lockdown and potentially missing out on vital literacy learning, which, under normal circumstances, would have been delivered by teachers instead of parents.

Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner, of Harwood Education, and Fiona Cowan, Headteacher of Bolsover Infants and Pre-School, wanted to set up the Recovery Curriculum Virtual Summit, to advise school leaders, Headteachers, Principals, Teachers and Educators on the latest innovations, training, trials, expertise and achievements of some of the leading education teams working with schools.

Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner said, “ We want to thank all teachers and schools for the dedication and care that they have so generously delivered to our children and communities during these past few months. We know that it will be more expensive in the long run for our schools, parents and communities to recover fully from the impact of COVID-19, if we do not all chip in and do our bit.”

Denise Meissner, Co-Founder of Harwood Education said, “It is the same analogy as the slowing of the spread of the virus itself. We must deliver tangible action that is field tested and backed by data from thousands of students across the UK, to ensure that every school has the best tools in their arsenal to fight the negative impact of the Lockdown on our children, so that they emerge stronger and more able to adapt to the era of the New Normal.”

“Our Mission is to close the gap between those that have a tonne with those who have none. The only way to do this is through education and ensuring that every child is given the life skills and learning skills to develop their deeper cognitive thinking, as well as giving them the creative skills to develop their very own opportunities to succeed in life.”

As Handwriting is the key gateway to success with reading, maths, thinking, learning and even keyboarding, the Handwriting Match Fit Assessment was created and developed by Melanie Harwood, Education Specialist, with input from Ms Bec Wakefield, Literacy Lead Down Hall Primary School, Mrs Lou Nelson, Headteacher Down Hall Primary School, Ms Fiona Cowan, Headteacher Bolsover Infant and Pre-School and Denise Meissner, Occupational Therapist and Autism Specialist.

Melanie Harwood says, "We look forward to a more empowered and equipped teaching force that will use the Hammersmith & Fulham Emotional Recovery Training, their own Recovery Curriculum as well as the Handwriting Assessment Training we have gifted to them to deliver the very best in education and ."

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Notes to Editors

Harwood Education

Harwood Education is a UK based company, established in 2018, to help solve the education gap between those that have a tonne and those who have none. To ensure education equality for everyone.

Its two principals are:

· Melanie Harwood. (Co-Founder and Joint CEO)

o Melanie Harwood developed the Start-Bee Handwriting Method for her own daughter, nine years ago in 2011, and has delivered her Handwriting Programmes to thousands of schools throughout the UK and abroad. She has continued to develop new education programmes and recently partnered with the United Nations to create and deliver the eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher Course. She considers herself to be lucky to be able to create courses that push through barriers, deliver innovative teacher training as well as educational programmes that are exciting and engaging for children. She says that it is important to see stories in 360 degrees and the full spectrum of colour as well as sound.

· Denise Meissner (Co-Founder and Joint CEO):

o Denise is the creator and developer of a Training Method that is used by SEN Schools and SENCOs throughout America, the UK and Europe, to diminish violent outbursts from children with autism. Her unique teacher training CPD is delivered to Occupational Therapists as well as the parents/carers of children whose learning and safety is compromised by their violent outbursts. Denise combined her professional (Occupational Therapist of 30 Years) and personal experience, as the mother of a child with Autism for twenty years, to create her signature SEN Training for Teachers, Parents and Carers who needed help to calm the combative child.

Denise joined forces with Melanie Harwood and formed Harwood Education in 2018, after working on the development and trials of the Handwriting Match Fit Assessment as well as the Handwriting Assessment Teacher Inset Training CPD. Denise was instrumental in convincing Melanie Harwood to convert her physical training into an online offering which would be available to teachers, parents and carers of children globally. Whether a child’s behaviour creates a learning challenge or a learning challenge creates a destructive behaviour, which then causes potential barriers to learning, Denise’s mantra is that the way to enjoy learning is to transfer painful obstacles into peaceful learning opportunities.

· Fiona Cowan ( Headteacher, Bolsover Infants & Pre-School):

o Fiona is an experienced Headteacher of more than 20 years standing, developer of Teacher Inset Training and CPD, and mother to a five year old son called Arben.

Fiona has been working throughout the COVID-19 Lockdown and delivered not only a fully operating school to the children of Key Workers as well as vulnerable children but has overseen the successful online learning delivery to each and every child within her school community.

Fiona assisted Melanie Harwood in the delivery of her Handwriting Assessment Inset Training and helped develop the online version. She is a powerful advocate for literacy skills and early intervention to ensure every child leaves her school writing well by the age of 8.

Fiona Cowan was instrumental in guiding Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner through the process of not only fully funding but also delivering the Handwriting Assessment Training to every school Headteacher throughout the United Kingdom. She has trialled innovative new delivery methods of teacher led eLearning Packages during Lockdown and developed innovative emotional recovery concepts to promote creativity in teaching and education as a whole.

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Harwood Education has teamed up with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver an innovative Climate Change Education Programme for primary and secondary schools in the UK. This ambitious multi-annual project will seek to develop a comprehensive package of interactive classroom materials on climate change for school teachers and children:

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