Discover the real meaning of romance this Valentine's Day with on-line course Love Camp

Best-selling author, empowerment coach and Neo Tantra sex teacher Stella Ralfini launches an exciting on-line couples coaching course just in time for Valentine’s Day – Love Camp. Aimed at couples in an existing relationship looking to ignite a fresh spark or romance and as a way to build confidence for singles to find lasting love, Love Camp has something for everyone!

Stella says: “After a tumultuous year, one thing we’ve all learned is there’s no time to waste on things not being right or being unhappy which is why it’s more important than ever to spend time on your love life to help rekindle the magic!

Much more than learning how to be more loving an intimate, in the on-line series of positive, interactive Love Camp workshops, Stella reveals that Tantra is suitable for couples of any age or sexual persuasion and can heighten love, desire, passion and reignite dying sparks.

Tantra is a powerful but playful form of lovemaking which can help you loosen up inhibitions and give you fresh confidence. It’s this confidence that will help you be more open and successful in everything you do, too.

Over the workshops you can indulge in the comfort of your own cosy lounge, bedroom or wherever you want - you’ll learn how to talk, share and massage your partner to make your love-making more fun and exciting.

Stella will also introduce a number of partners to the Love Camp experience including Sh Emporium who make a range of love toys that can often bring intimacy and help break down barriers in the bedroom.

Everyone needs more romance in their lives and it seems spending more time together during the last year has made us more open to explore our feelings, even top our fantasy bucket list, which is where Love Camp could help you make a fresh start this Valentine’s day!

Tantra Love Camp online Workshops begin February 2021 to coincide with Valentine’s Day, price £149.00 per couple. For more information, write to Stella Ralfini, qualified Tantra teacher and founder of Tantra Love Camp at

Notes to Editors

Note to editors: We have a number of LOVE CAMP experiences worth £149.00 per couple to give away to help spread the love, please contact for details.

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