Increased investments in staff training and welfare for Midlands Company

Following on from the company’s ‘lean’ approach to business, Winster Ltd ( have begun increasing staff training and welfare investments on site. The Midlands company has spent a long time implementing ‘lean’ manufacturing into day-to-day operations and has decided to optimise training and staff welfare opportunities for its small workforce.

Winster Ltd is one of the country’s oldest and leading suppliers of hoses and hose assemblies, and with a team of just 11 people, have recently begun focusing on improving employee experiences within the company. Alongside the recent implementation of new incentive and recognition schemes, Val Gardner, Managing Director, felt that the company needed to be optimising growth and development opportunities for the staff.

Each team member is allocated a one-to-one time slot where they can chat to management and relay any thoughts on working for the company to them. This can include ideas for improvements, or just what they think is working well. However, over the past few months, staff have been encouraged to open up about any additional training which they feel would benefit them and the team. Providing the ideas are deemed beneficial for the business, employees will then receive the fully funded training which it is hoped will then reflect in their role within the company.

With a reported 75% of employees looking for opportunities for career growth, offering staff development prospects within companies has never been more vital. Staff retention will always be easier to maintain when employees know they are reaching their full potential; increasing training opportunities leaves more room for job development and keeps staff moving forward in their position.

Having spent time adapting to a ‘lean’ approach to business, Winster Ltd ( are determined to be a company that gives back to the local community it which it is based in. From implementing government apprenticeship schemes into the business to increasing investments in staff recognition awards, the company is making sure that they are offering prospects and opportunities to as many people as they can – and with six months of successfully hitting profit targets they are certainly reaping the benefits too.

Although Winster Ltd are already on a path of success with these new investments and strategies, Val says that there is still more to be done, “We’ll always be on the look-out for new ways to keep staff happy and productivity high at the same time. Happy staff means hardworking staff and we want our workers to know they are getting the best opportunities with us”.

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