ORBITVU Alphashot Micro. The world’s most innovative and compact photo studio.


The ORBITVU Alphashot is the world’s most innovative, compact photo studio to take 2D and 360 images of jewellery, watches, coins and other small objects up to 18 × 16 × 15 cm.

It combines advanced software, powerful LED technology and a patent pending design. Thanks to the all new ALPHASHOT MICRO absolutely everyone - regardless of photographic knowledge and skills - can quickly and easily create a fully professional, high quality pack shots and 360° product presentations to better show their products.

Cylindrical lighting system

Unique LED lighting solution, designed especially for jewellery. 6 LED panels, moving with the camera are placed all around the object. It allows you to use 300 degrees of high power lighting to highlight any detail of your product from any direction. We call this technology ‘Spin Light’ and it is worldwide Patent Pending!

The Alphashot Micro has 26000 Lumens of High CRI LED lighting, custom designed especially for reflective metals and gems. Combined with ORBITVU’s advanced software the Alphashot Micro gives stunning results: natural colours or a cool metal feeling. Or even both in the same picture, if you need it.

High Contrast Chamber

To light or not to light? Unlike the old fashioned and restrictive “light tents”, “white boxes”, and other pseudo solutions, ALPHASHOT MICRO gives you light where needed and “no-light” when required. A high contrast environment is a must, when it comes to professional jewellery photography. There is no other way to reflect your products surface and structure, so your customers can feel comfortable when buying online.

IQ Mask

The only intelligent masking technology and only available with Alphashot products, which can automatically remove the background from your 2D or 360 image, even from objects normally considered difficult. This feature alone make our products a worthwhile purchase for operations that shoot large volumes of products.


This technology allows for the automatic positioning of the product within the frame (adjusting the size and placement) to be consistent with the rest of your captured images. This makes the work easier and faster, guaranteeing 100% uniformity of all your product photography.

Live View

Change the camera settings, lighting and see what you get before you get it and all live and on screen. Become the photographer of your products. The Alphashot Micro comes with high end software designed to make jewellery photography quick, easy and efficient.

Consistant shooting

The Alphashot Micro comes standard with image profiles, auto-cropping, ghost image overlay, auto background removal and more... just to make repetitive work quick, easy and efficient.


Simply connect your PC or Mac and digital Nikon or Canon professional DSLR to your Alphashot Micro and you will capture 2D, 3D and 360 images like a professional.

1st Feb 2014

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