Frustration with bike multi-tools leads to creation of range

Daniel Varney has always been passionate about cycling. But he was frustrated at the poor usability and performance of most bike multi-tools that he came across.

“It often felt performance was being compromised to maximise functionality while keeping size minimal. So you needed one tool for the road and other, more sophisticated tools for working on the bike at home.”

It led to Daniel, and others, setting up Altum Designs Ltd, based on the philosophy that every cyclist’s machine should look, feel and work as great as possible.

The business aims to produce a range of innovative, strong and smart-looking, properly designed multi-tools for bicycles.

Altum’s award-winning MODUAL range is based on a ground-breaking 14-function multi-tool for a bike, and a tool roll to go with it. This tool is extensive enough for you to be able to work on your bike at home, while lightweight enough that you can also take it out on the road on a ride with you.

The range includes socket heads and tyre levers as well as the tool system and roll, both of which can be bought separately.

Daniel adds: “The name perfectly sums up the aim of our company, which is to provide tools which are innovative and cleverly conceived. The passion for cycling is still there and it’s great to be doing something so close to my heart that came out of my own frustration with what was on the market.”

As part of what it does, the firm offers free worldwide shipping and delivery. Orders are dispatched within two days.


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Altum are passionate about producing innovative, aesthetically strong and cleverly conceived bicycle multi-tools.

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