New RIBAB JAM video from Addictive TV spotlights the Moroccan ribab!

“Using musicians from around the world in their John Lomax-esque Orchestra of Samples project, Addictive TV cut and splice different media into one cohesive vision” Huff Post

Creating new music by sampling hundreds of musicians they've filmed improvising around the world for their global music project Orchestra of Samples, RIBAB JAM is the new single from ethno-sampling adventurers Addictive TV. It shines a light on the lesser-known ribab, a single stringed and often bejewelled instrument of Morocco’s Amazigh (or Berber) culture, that the artists recorded in the Moroccan desert, interwoven with African kalimba, Dominican percussion, Indian vocals and even a monk’s bell from Bhutan – all sampled from their recordings!

With the ribab at times almost sounding like a muted trumpet, the group found it blended wonderfully with calypso-influenced guitar recorded some years earlier in Colombia's Caribbean port city of Cartagena, and those two samples worked perfectly with improvised vocals recorded in Panjim, India. Addictive TV’s frontman, Graham Daniels explains about the creative method:

“Like doing a huge jigsaw puzzle in the dark, our vision for the project as a whole is to find samples that fit together perfectly, and with the other instruments in Ribab Jam we’ve taken the ribab to a musical space it wasn’t in before. That’s what excites us!”

The making of RIBAB JAM is a microcosm of Addictive TV’s journey; while performing in Morocco, the group travelled south towards the Sahara where they filmed ribab player Ahmed Bijdiguen in the desert, just outside the old walled-town of Tiznit. His improvised riff on the ribab would later become the focal point for the new track. Audiovisual field-recordings sampled for RIBAB JAM also include original Motörhead drummer Lucas Fox and world-famous percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie. Directed by Daniels, the video brings together musicians filmed in Colombia, India, France and the UK, all recorded as Addictive TV journeyed the globe in pre-Covid times.

You are invited to watch the official RIBAB JAM video:

Orchestra of Samples is an audio/visual project where audiences see the sampled musicians, and so far artists Addictive TV have recorded nearly 300 musicians in the last ten years playing all manner of instruments. The group have been at the forefront of AV remixing for over two decades, performing their innovative live AV shows in over a staggering 50 countries; events from the UK’s Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD to Italy’s RomaEuropa and SXSW in Austin, Texas. Addictive TV have created alternative trailers for a number of Hollywood studios (Iron Man, Fast & Furious and others) and their work has been exhibited in New York’s Museum of Moving Image and Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Sampling field-recordings and making music that dares to be different, Addictive TV have created a beautiful and stunning track. RIBAB JAM is released on all major platforms on June 11, 2021.

For more information about RIBAB JAM:

RIBAB JAM Video Credits:

Producer: Francoise Lamy / Directed & edited by Graham Daniels

Instruments / musicians / countries:

Ribab - Ahmed Bijdiguen - Morocco

Kalimba - Dia Gomis - Senegal/UK

Guitar - Luis Camacho - Colombia

Drums - Lucas Fox - UK/France

Güira - Daniel Correa - Colombia

Congas - Paul Gunter - UK

Vocals - Deetshida Murali - India

Piano - Victoria Oruwari - Nigeria/UK

Glass pyramids - Dame Evelyn Glennie – UK

Celtic harp - Marie Wambergue - France

Flute - Peter Bosher - UK

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