Sustainable Sanitising Skincare By Design

Anti 75 strikes the balance between lab proven antiviral biocide and a premium skincare product. This means its effective beyond the ordinary cosmetic grade antibacterial sanitisers, effective against viruses while being kind to skin, with a fresh and vibrant scent. Packaged in sustainable natural sugar cane as an alternative to yet more plastic with alcohol sourced from plants, not fossil fuels. It's sanitiser evolved, where each of these 3S’s combine into something more effective.

Sanitising for many has been harsh on skin and increasingly uncomfortable. Being responsible for your hygiene should not mean discomfort. Anti 75 developed a formula that considers skincare, comfort and hydration to be as important as the antiviral and antibacterial function.

A vegan friendly, all natural and nourishing antiviral hand gel made from 75% plant based alcohol with added essential oils to sooth, hydrate, restore and uplift. Essential oils to enhance natural defences including May Chang, Aloe Vera, Petitgrain, Orange Peel and Spearmint. Packaged in 100% recyclable sugarcane to protect the environment.

A new generation of sanitiser, upgraded by design

Available to purchase in 75ml sized protection for £7.00 online at

End of transmission.

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