Passion in Sales- What are the boundaries?

How much passion in Sales is Good? Are there or should there be any boundaries? What do you think?

For the past many years, there is a daily ritual our Founder and CEO, Mr. Ankur Shiv Bhandari ( has been following. Watching a movie or a series episode everyday. He devotes 1 to 2 hours almost daily towards this and feels quite therapeutic, relaxing and interestingly enough helps provide some good insights. After all, the cinematographic worlds many times are a reflection of our real worlds. This is something Ankur believes in greatly. There are certain clips which inspire,motivate or even force you to think about applications in real life. The following video link in particular is from a movie he recently watched, this was hilarious and thought provoking at the same time, so thought would be best to share with all of you as well: alternatively you can read the complete blog here:

(Ankur Shiv Bhandari is the Founder and CEO of Asbicon Group, Asbicon is a “Sales & Marketing Support Company” focused on the Consumer Goods & Services sector. Asbicon enables this through its 6 verticals of Dezign Services, Capability Development, Data Services, Research, Assisted Advisory & IT Solutions providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients.)

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Asbicon is a “Sales & Marketing Support Company” providing solutions to Consumer Goods & Services organisations to win in Sales & with Shoppers