Why UK small businesses should consume Donuts

A diet of Donuts guarantees growth for SMEs….in a healthy way.

Eighteen months after the Government abandoned its support for small businesses with the closure of the Business Growth Service, Donut, the UK’s most visited business advice website, is launching ‘Money Donut’, providing guidance to SMEs on finance, accounting, tax, insurance and pensions.

Constantly told that we can’t have our cake and eat it, Rory MccGwire, founder of the Donut family, disagrees. “This is all free to businesses. Money Donut joins the highly successful Donut family of websites, all aimed at supporting small business owners, entrepreneurs and sole traders. The other sites cover all aspects of running a business including starting up, marketing, technology and law. In addition, Sectors Donut has guidance on how to start up 200 different types of business. Donut is now the largest business advice resource in the UK.”

The launch of Money Donut coincides with a series of Government initiatives, such as pensions auto-enrolment and the upcoming Making Tax Digital changes, both issues on which businesses are crying out for guidance.

“With the launch of Money Donut, business owners can now get much-needed advice on all the financial aspects of running a business,” said Claire Georghiades, the founder of Accounts Resource, one of the accounting firms that have collaborated to create the Money Donut’s content. “At a time when so much new compliance is being heaped on small businesses, they need all the help they can get.”

All six Donut websites are joined up, with more than 20,000 pages of expert advice, guides, checklists, case studies and practical business tools. With half a million unique users every month, the Donut websites are already arguably the most popular source of small business advice in the UK.

“The Donuts plug a huge gap in the market," said MccGwire. “While there are plenty of sites that pump out the latest news stories, we team up with experts to create practical advice on everyday business issues. Google loves us and we have built up quite a fan club of Donut Eaters, all of whom will be delighted by the arrival of Money Donut.”

Notes to editors:

1. Google loves the Donuts:

• 1 million-page-views-a-month milestone passed in January 2015

• 491,314 average monthly unique users (Jan-Dec 2016)

2. A selection of other images are available in this dropbox.

3. Rory MccGwire is available for interview.

• Rory MccGwire, Atom Content Marketing, 0117 373 6160, rory.mccgwire@atomcontentmarketing.co.uk, Bristol

• LinkedIn profile

4. Where does the name ‘Donut’ come from?

The answer is here: Why call it Donut?

5. The Donut websites are: Money Donut, Start Up Donut, Marketing Donut, Law Donut, Tech Donut, and Sectors Donut.

6. In a world full of blogging websites, the Donut websites have stuck to its original aim of being the ‘best ‘how-to’ resource’ for small businesses in the UK. Its practical advice is written by experts and regularly updated:

• 3,345 blogs

• 1,770 articles

• 1,774 FAQs

• 146 checklists • 118 case studies

• 2,250 small business news items

• 500 experts (estimate)

• 21,015 pages

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