Why this Northern tech company is giving away 100 craft beers!

This month, @53two plays host to the second #MancMade @53two festival. Subtitled Part Deux (naturally). Together with a packed 1 day schedule of performing arts, spoken word and music, the festival also plays host to the pilot of a brand-new craft beer.

Market Be(er) is a brew created exclusively for the festival by local craft brewer BrightSide, named after sponsors Market.Be. To celebrate the release of their digital platform this year, Market.Be is paying for the first 100 pints of Market Be(er) at the 53two bar on the night.

“We’re delighted to support #MancMade @53two this year.” Ethar Alali, founder of Market.Be explains “Market.Be reimagines how trades happen. We don’t believe trades are just shops and money. Everything has an intrinsic value and supporting the unorthodox, or sometimes unorthodoxly supporting, fits with us steering towards collective benefit.”

Market.Be is itself a Manchester based business. Britain’s innovative market platform helps artisans and makers find markets, raise their profile, engage with customers, simplify registration and sell products through each traders’ own Etsy or online shops. All the while offering marketing, tech and business support through an online community of traders, an easy to use platform and mobile app.

Ethar continues “As a Manc[unian], I love the way our city embraces community values and mixes in its legacy of creativity in performing arts and music, with newer creative digital and media.”

Manchester tech has exploded in recent years and now includes a vibrant tech community which hosts some of Europe’s biggest tech events at Manchester Central Convention Complex next to 53two, several times a year. Events Ethar himself has been part of as part of his other company, Axelisys.

“Our team are active participants in the local tech scene and have been for a very long time. There are now more tech events per night in Manchester than London and in each grass-roots event, there are two staples. Beer and Pizza. With the level of support tech sponsors provide versus the restricted funding of arts grants, it’s easy for tech to become a bit of a clique and lead to more traditional fields of creativity being left behind.”

That led Market.Be to approach Paul Ludden, creator and CEO of MancMade to a see whether there was anything they could help. Paul has a passion for all things Mancunian whether in the arts, business or entertainment and has recently been made an ambassador for the Mancunian Way charity.

Paul said “The MancMade festival came about purely from the fact Simon Naylor and I both wanted to showcase Manchester talent, specifically in the arts and entertainment sectors. The fact he runs a theatre and I run a platform that promotes #mancmade talent made it a match made in Manchester.

”Ethar ask me how we could work together. I told him about our upcoming MancMade @53two festival and suggested sponsorship. We had a great discussion thrashing out ideas. I want back to Simon to fill them out. Not long after we sent Ethar back the ideas and he jumped on sponsoring the beer immediately!”

“[It] doesn’t take much when it comes to beer!” chuckled Ethar “Joking aside, the initial package came with the beer, the banner, the tweets and stage sponsorship.”

Yet, the sponsorship package initially gave Ethar some concerns.

“Stage sponsorship was very kind, but what worried us is how stage sponsorship would be perceived. Just as there is a huge difference between ‘bosses’ and ‘leaders’, the whole ethos of Market.Be is to be the kingmaker to trader kings. We can’t do that without everyone knowing about us, so we can tell every one of them, about everyone else. It’s a delicate balancing act. While we do use algorithms, Market.Be certainly doesn’t seek to become another Uber and overshadow the brands themselves. Just the opposite in fact.”

With new spoken word, new music, new beer, new technology, new charity and 5 brand new plays premiering at the festival, all under one quintessentially Mancunian brick roof, MancMade @53two (Part Deux) is set to be a positive hive of talent and innovation and won’t disappoint.

MancMade @53two starts at 4pm on Saturday 30th Jun 2018 at 53two, 8 Albion St, Park Avenue Car Park, Manchester M1 5LN.

@53two. You can book tickets to #MancMade @53two:



Find out more about Market.Be at www.marketbe.co.uk or following them on @RealMarketBe and fb.com/RealMarketBe


‘Market.BE’ is a revolutionary platform aiming to bring market trading into the 21st century. It uses advanced artificial intelligence and statistical techniques to help market traders find the best markets and customers the best bargains and pinpoint the best places to sell crafts, food, pastries or anything else.

'53two' is Manchester’s, biggest and most versatile Arts Venue, managed by Manchester Actors’ Platform. Spanning two of Deansgate’s famous tunnels. The venue operates primarily as a theatre and cafe, with the space also offering room for exhibitions, gigs, events, celebrations, rehearsals, classes, conferences, banquets, weddings and more.

‘MancMade’ is an online platform supporting all things made in Manchester. Paul Ludden, creator and CEO, has a passion for all things Mancunian and has recently been made an ambassador for Mancunian Way charity.

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