The low down on detox diets

With January fast approaching, nutritional therapist Nicola Moore offers her view on how to navigate new year fad diets and detoxes. “There is no quick fix to reverse the effects of over-indulging on sugar and alcohol” she comments. “I encourage clients to alter their diet to accentuate their detoxification systems, detoxing isn’t something you can opt into for seven days,” she explains. “Our bodies are doing it day-in, day-out as a normal physiological process. There’s nothing wrong with supporting your body in a way to optimise this, but ideally it’s something you engage with as part of a healthy lifestyle.” Nicola’s popular 21-day programme is a positive starting point and her new nutrition and wellbeing retreats for 2019 are set to offer a restorative focus on supporting optimal hormone, digestive and immune health.

21-day Reset Programme

Moore's Reset programme is a three-week plan to educate and equip you with the knowledge you need to make lifelong adaptations to your diet in order to encourage optimal detoxification. A kick-off seminar which is hosted both online and/or as part of a group in Twickenham, is followed by daily support through an online forum during the transition period. Though the programme lasts 21 days, it’s not designed to be a quick fix and you continue to implement changes to your diet afterwards, with the aim of leading a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

A focus of the programme is to train you to focus on how certain foods make you feel. By offering meal plans and advice, Nicola slowly coaches you to reduce your intake of alcohol, sugary foods and caffeine, while upping your intake of foods that contain specific nutrients that support the detoxifying process – such as cruciferous vegetables and pulses.

Kath Briggs, 40, a teacher from Twickenham, took part in one of Nicola's programmes a year ago and has transformed her diet and her energy levels. "Cutting out caffeine, alcohol, high sugar foods and gluten was hard work – especially in the first month when I felt incredibly tired and achy. But when I started to feel the fogginess in my head lift for the first time in years, I knew it was worth it. Now, my energy levels don’t dip like they used to.”

Nutrition and wellbeing retreats

For 2019, Nicola is launching her three-night nutrition and wellbeing retreats, the first taking place in June in a beautifully restored farmhouse in the South of France. The retreats aim to empower women to prioritise their own health and wellbeing, ensuring they leave with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.

“The retreat is a time for you to put yourself and your health first for a change. Being away from home in such an inspiring environment will offer the ability to focus the mind and the body. I want everyone to leave feeling energised, rebalanced and positive about their own future health,” she continues.

Nicola will provide daily nutrition and lifestyle talks and demonstrations for the group based on her guiding nutrition and wellbeing principles of positive nutrition and enjoyment of food and with a focus on supporting optimal hormone, digestive and immune health.

So, whether looking to reverse the effects of overindulgence over the festive period, or wanting to plan a healthy getaway to look forward to in 2019, Nicola’s advice is to remember that supporting your body to process toxins (or, detox) is a marathon, not a sprint!


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