At the height of the recession, Kay Jawad was made redundant mid-maternity leave. Consequentially, her hunger for a new venture was ignited which has seen Kay make the move into a new sector. Backed by a Young Britain Loan (a subsidiary of the government’s Start Up Loans Company), Kay envisaged the venture as being one that could help herself and other women gain new skill-sets, confidence and secure themselves future employment on more flexible terms.

Five years on, the results of Kay’s dream is a community of highly skilled, highly supported and accredited individuals, with an inspirational vision and a strategic business model at the root. On the academy, Kay says ‘I am really proud and passionate about my academy’ – she nods especially toward her pride that the academy has ‘enabled self employment’ and a flexibility in the type of working life that mothers often want but struggle to make materialise. The flexibility of the academy itself means that mothers with young children can commit to learning more easily. It also means that the door is open also for those beauty industry insiders who simply want to add more to their existing skillset.

On the 30th of August, the Be Younique academy will open its doors to a wider audience. Due to demand, the academy is now moving into larger premises to solely facilitate the function of a ‘dedicated training centre’. The expansion is indicative of the academy’s success - it is now a growing community of teachers, students and graduates, many of whom pay homage their fantastic experiences at the academy and sing praise for Kay’s vision. ‘Thorough courses, current resources and a relaxed but professional environment’ are factors that have led to the academy coming highly recommended amongst accredited beauticians.

Seen as an excellent example of dedicated entrepreneurialism, Kay Jawad targets the increase of the academy’s 70% employment rate by training more people up, creating more jobs and continuing the confidence building and encouragement that the academy so endeavours to instil in it’s students. The re-launch, on Saturday August 30th, seeks to encourage more young women and mothers to follow their dreams, start their own businesses and gain a fully accredited repertoire of beauty skills.

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