CISO salaries rocket but no real increase in cyber security salaries

CISO salaries rocket but no real increase in cyber security salaries

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The majority of CISO’s (75%) of those surveyed are now paid £120,000 or above. This is a dramatic change from 2014, where 48% of CISO’s were paid below £120,000. However, despite much industry pressure for CISO’s to increase their level of exposure at board level, many still do not report to the board. The majority are 1 away, but some are still 2 away from the board, which will make it harder for them to exercise proper influence to make business change.

One other notable change is that CISO’s require more experience to reach this level. The majority now have over 12 years experience, compared to a large number of candidates who were gaining the job title after just 7 years in the industry a few years ago. It appears as though companies are demanding more value from their CISO’s.

Remit Reports to Salary bands

UK only 1 or 2 below the board £85,000 - £120,000

UK only Board £120,000 - £150,000

Regional (EMEA or USA) 1 or 2 below the board £90,000 - £150,000

Regional (EMEA or USA) Board £200,000+

Global 1 below the board £120,000 - £150,000

Global Board £200,000+

During 2015, BeecherMadden has seen an increase in cyber security vacancies of 68%. We expect the increase in vacancies to continue and the general consensus is that 50% of cyber security vacancies will go unfilled, as the country struggles to find the right talent. However, this year, the lack of available talent has not translated into the large salary increases that we have been used to.

Salaries have stayed broadly stagnant for the past 12 months, with no real increases at the grades below CISO. Cyber professionals are moving jobs often, maybe after just 12 months in a role, due to the increase they can gain by doing so. Increases when changing jobs have been as high as 30% this year. However, this may be short lived as companies are becoming reluctant to overpay for candidates who do not have the experience. Some job offers this year, have been for the same basic salary, with companies competing on benefits package, the job opportunity and employer brand.

New roles have also come to the fore during 2015 and we expect to see more of these in 2016. Roles in cyber data analytics and training have become more prominent in 2015. As teams become more advanced, they are looking for new ways to secure the business and monitor trends. Behavioural analytics, identity management and awareness look to be the trends for 2016.

Job title Years of experience Salary bands

Analyst / Associate 1-3 £25,000-£40,000

Officer / Senior Analyst 3-7 £40,000-£60,000

Manager 7-12 £60,000-£75,000

Senior Manager 7-20 £75,000-£95,000

Head of 3-7 £45,000-£90,000

Director 7-12 £75,000-£150,000

Global Head / CISO 12-20 £150,000-£300,000

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