Partnership to add 320,000 locations to buy Bitcoin in stores with BitcoinPoint

London, May 3rd 2021

BitcoinPoint the leading Bitcoin Teller in the UK with a network of agents and ATMs (16,000 machines to sell Bitcoin) has signed an agreement with a Point Of Sale partner to add 320,000 locations to buy Bitcoin in stores.

It’s a big step to accelerate the Bitcoin adoption and make Bitcoin accessible for the non-tech-savvy people & the unbanked. Countries are mostly in Europe including the UK and in Latin America, but Canada, Australia and Philippines are also in the list.

The BitcoinPoint App on Android and iOS have custodial and non-custodial (if a customer already has a wallet) options where users can buy almost instantly as little as £5:

At the cash-in location the user can generate a QR code to be scanned by the merchant to receive the corresponding fraction of bitcoin or Online the App will be able to connect to bank accounts and create an instant bank transfer.

In the same spirit of financial inclusion and to democratise the investment to small investors the company launched a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate its growth:


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