You can now buy Bitcoin from 27,000 locations in the UK with

Today, BitcoinPoint announced that anyone can buy Bitcoin from a network of 27,000 Point of Sales: 99% of the UK population is covered within a mile!

BitcoinPoint has been the largest Bitcoin Teller service in the UK enabling 18,000 standard ATMs to convert bitcoin into cash since December 2020.

Buying in one click, a very simple process

After downloading the BitcoinPoint app and register, the user can go to the nearest POS agent available on a map, request a certain type of payment to the cashier, show a QR generated in one click, and once the payment has been made, with cash or credit card, the user will receive the bitcoin and a receipt of the transaction.

Benoit Marzouk, the Co-Founder & CEO declared "we wanted to do our bit to the Bitcoin Revolution with an access for the unbanked and the non-tech-savvy people, we think it's important for the adoption. Bitcoin is all about financial inclusion: anyone can create a wallet for free and start receiving money almost instantly from anywhere: it's permission-less and censorship resistant"

Marzouk added: "Bringing bitcoin at every corner in the UK was the vision I had early 2017 and we've worked very hard for the last 3 years 1/2 to make it a reality, we also brought innovative access to Bitcoin like Open Banking through instant bank transfer a year ago"

"Bitcoin is not just a new asset class it's like a tsunami, we have been delighted to learn that El Salvador has become the first country in the world to officially classify Bitcoin as a legal currency, they have made History and we believe more countries will follow, we contacted their government to let them know that our platform would be available for them." The new law means every business must accept Bitcoin as legal tender for goods or services, but there's at the moment no platform like BitcoinPoint to allow its citizens to convert their US Dollar into Bitcoin.

While the transactional use of cash has declined, the value of notes in circulation has increased according to a recent article from Bank of England. The apparent paradox is explained by an increasing role for cash as a store of value.

At BitcoinPoint, said Benoit Marzouk, "we believe people will be more tempted to convert their cash into an asset increasing in value by 200% per year with a fixed supply than bringing it to saving account at 0.5% for a debased currency. Also, the momentum of Bitcoin will never be reproduced: no one runs it and any one can join it, while any other crypto or fiat currency has an entity or group of individuals in charge of the governance"

The BitcoinPoint app is available on both iOS and Android, more information on :

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