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You can now buy Bitcoin from 27,000 locations in the UK with

Today, BitcoinPoint announced that anyone can buy Bitcoin from a network of 27,000 Point of Sales: 99% of the UK population is covered within a mile! BitcoinPoint has been the largest Bitcoin Teller s...

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Partnership to add 320,000 locations to buy Bitcoin in stores with BitcoinPoint

London, May 3rd 2021 BitcoinPoint the leading Bitcoin Teller in the UK with a network of agents and ATMs (16,000 machines to sell Bitcoin) has signed an agreement with a Point Of Sale partner to add 3...

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Widely Available ATM Access in the UK Brings Bitcoin Ever Closer To Mass Adoption

Bitcoin sales from cash withdrawals are expected to reach an unprecedented scale in the UK, as the Cryptocurrency becomes widely available at over 16,000 ATM Machines across the UK for the first time...