Disarblot in Iona: London fashion week

Disarblot in Iona

New couture collection showcased at London fashion week via Fashions Finest

21 st February 2016

Grand Connaught Rooms,

61 65 Great Queen St


For Press contact : press@fashionsfinest.com

Linda Blissett, in collaboration with celebrity jewellery designer Marianna Harutunian is proud to announce that she will be showcasing her new Autumn/Winter ‘15/’16 couture collection at the London and Paris fashion weeks .

The collection looks to Norse and Celtic mythology and celebrates the pre Christian celestial pantheon of these cultures. Linda is drawn to contrast in all things and uses colour and texture as metaphors for the opposite deities of fire (Bel, God of earthly and celestial fire, who is celebrated at Beltane) and ice (Callilech & Skadi, the bringers of snow & ice), from earthly love, life, nature & sensuality (Freya, who gave her name to ‘Friday’) to the afterworld (the Goddess Hel, ruler of Helheim)

The collection thus incorporates a flowing, fluid asymmetrical quality with opposite textures intended to achieve a symbiosis. Lines of flowing crystals and gold & bronze thread accent burnt oranges, crimsons, scarlets, burgundys, and ambers are set against ice blues, teals, royal and midnight blues, slate greys, white, ivory and silver… all given textural life via velvets, satins, lamé, chiffons and two tone shot metallic satins.

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About Bliss studio textiles

Linda Blissett is a London-based textile/fashion designer, specialising predominantly in niche Handwoven fabrics. She graduated from Middlesex & Portsmouth University with a BA honours in Constructed Textiles and H.N.D Textiles for Fashion. As of May 2014 Linda was shortlisted among the finalists for the John Singer Sargent Open art prize. And showcased for the first time at London Fashion week in September 2014. Linda Blissett’s new couture collection was recently shown at London and Paris Fashion weeks for A/W 16. The designs are inspired by bold colours and flamboyance of the art from the Pre-Raphaelite era. The dresses feature an intricate architecture of modern and traditional woven fabric worked into eclectic art, transforming the wearer and turning any event into a modern Fairy-tale. Passionately, she endeavors to create unique handcrafted pieces of wearable art from scarves, wraps and bags. Each design, an individual work, intended to create a piece of composition that delivers a distinctive mood or texture into fabric. Much of her influences are drawn from the Art Nouveau era, particular artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Jessie M King, Margaret MacDonald, together with Celtic Mythology. Linda is also deeply influenced by the seasonal ebb and flow of the British Isles, from Autumnal woodlands, insect wings, and tree bark and the undulating patterns of seaweed left by the outgoing tide. No two pieces of Linda's work will be identical, although themes flow from one piece to another. She has an affinity for colours and textures and likes experimenting with variety of different forms of media. Her work incorporates a multitude of media; from silks, luxury wool fibres, cashmere, mohair, metallic yarns,ribbons,vintage lace,velvets and satins with occasional hand embroided beading (as inspiration dicates).