Box & Sprout, a London-based gardening tech startup, are expanding beyond grow-your-own food to help less-experienced gardeners create their dream gardens this Autumn and Winter.

Have you ever looked at your garden or outdoor space and wished you could change it, but felt completely at a loss about how to make it happen?

It’s a feeling that many young adults feel. And founders Rob & Charlie certainly felt the same when they started gardening over lockdown.

“Whether you’ve got an idea for a small garden project, want to tackle growing your own food, or just want to grow a few plants outdoors in pots, shopping for gardening products online is a completely overwhelming experience. There are several thousand plants and products to choose from and they often come with conflicting information written in complex horticultural language. Many less experienced gardeners simply don’t know where to begin,” Charlie says.

Box & Sprout hope to change all this by making gardening simple and convenient. Up to this point, they’ve been helping their customers grow their own food from seed, but the team is now rapidly expanding the range to cover all-types of garden plants and products.

To keep things simple, Box & Sprout are starting with self-contained gardens grown in pots. They’re working with garden design experts to curate beautiful, designer container gardens, along with a select range of pot plants that customers can easily care for in their outdoor spaces.

They also plan to use data that their customers volunteer to offer a truly personalised shopping experience.

“Millennial shoppers demand better shopping experiences than ever and for brands to speak to them directly,” Rob says. “And sustainability is not a nice-to-have but a must-have. We’re stocking peat-free composts only, and we’re focussed on getting our whole supply chain to peat-free as soon as possible. We’re offering a plastic pots return scheme and we’re also making our operations carbon neutral from the start.”

Starting with London-only deliveries but with plans to expand, Box & Sprout are saving their customers from garden overwhelm and helping them create their dream garden spaces. Their Autumn and Winter range will be available at now.

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