In times like these, you’ll need a cup of TFTea - Rich, Aromatic treasure from the east

TFTea finest tea selection is excited to announce the launch of our blooming tea selections. One of the lesser-known treasures of the East; our blooming tea was crafted expertly by master tea makers. Each of our handmade blooming flower tea spheres brings a rich and unique experience like none other.

Blooming tea is known as "immortality potion" in ancient Chinese culture due to its aromatic scent and exceptional taste. TFtea finest tea selection blooming tea each contains over 70 whole tea leaves wrapped around a beautiful center of jasmine, rose, marigold and lily of the highest quality.

This type of tea gets its name from the brewing process:

Once submerged under hot water, watch as our blooming tea slowly blossoms into a bouquet of a magical flower.

We offer six different kinds of high-quality white and black tea-based blooming tea, each with its characteristics and flavour.

We carefully screen the manufacturing process to ensure our customer enjoys their blooming in luxury. Hence our expert tea-makers pack each bloom individually in vacuumed sealed bags. This way, we can be sure that our blooming tea remains fresh and ready to be enjoyed at any occasion.

TFTea finest tea selections is a London based high-end tea label featuring carefully chosen tea products suitable for the European palate. Our in house experts source and monitor the entire growing and manufacturing process to deliver the freshest and highest quality tea from the far east right to your home.

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