Hay Fever - Up all Night for the Wrong Reasons?

Hay fever sufferers are up to three times more likely to experience poor sleep according to a study of allergic rhinitis and its effects on quality of sleep.

As if an itchy, bunged up nose and constant sneezing in the day time isn’t bad enough, hay fever can play havoc with a good night’s sleep too. People with seasonal allergies are three times more likely to find it difficult to nod off and more than twice as likely to have broken sleep through the night. And to make things worse for long suffering partners, hay fever sufferers are 25% more likely to snore!* The problem lies in the stuffy, bunged up feeling that prevents clear, easy breathing.

If this all sounds familiar here are a few tips to ease the sleepless stuffy nights:

Try to shower and wash your hair before bedtime, this helps to get rid of any pollen that’s landed on you during the day

Dry your pjs and bed linen indoors to prevent pollen collecting on them

Sleep with the windows shut to stop pollen from coming into the bedroom

Sleep on your side to reduce the likelihood of snoring

Just before bedtime try inhaling essential oils like Lavender or Camomile which have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Breaze Nighttime pillowcase is an award winning product which uses a blend of over 10 essential oils with natural anti-histamines, in trials 87% of people said it helped them to get a more restful night during hay fever season.

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* Allergic Rhinitis and its Consequences on Quality of Sleep: An unexplored Area

Leger, D et Al


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