Wellbeing for everyone !

Did you know that the latest governments statistics show 30 million days off sick reported in the UK alone. 9 million of these days are due to anxiety and stress !

Connection and self expression are slowly ebbing away and being replaced by a sense of isolation, frustration and emptiness.

productivity is at its lowest for years and We want to do something about this !

Bu-evolution are a group of well being practitioners from around the globe streaming LIVE classes.

With an emphasis on Diversity, Affordability and Inclusivity we have teachers streaming Yoga: Meditation : Life Coaching ; Manifest and Visualising : Breathwork : Nutrition : Authentic sharing and a whole lot more coming soon.

We want to partner with the media to promote well being to everyone that needs to connect and improve their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

We can offer free trial passes, discounted subscriptions to really do our part to help those that are struggling in some way, to re connect

Our Teachers come from : UK, Portugal, Russia, USA, Italy, Sweden

"Together we can" is our tag line

Please contact me for further details on how we can offer your wellbeing packages

Anthony 07956158954

Email : info@bu-evolution.com


Notes to Editors

Please let us know how we can also help your readers/listeners with wellbeing, we can offer free on line classes and set up discount codes for each publication.
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Bu-Evolution is a stage for wellbeing, connecting the world with Inclusivity, Diversity, Affordability. We have teachers streaming live from Kuala Lumpar to London, tutorials that cover Yoga, Meditation, chakra cleansing, Qi-Gong, Nutritional advice , Life coaching with free connection meetings of Authentic sharing and Meditations. Wellbeing without preaching is at the heart of our belief system along with sharing through wellbeing. take the class with you wherever you go and stream with us, great for everyone ! Join the Evolution !