Only one lockdown till Christmas - time to stock up on Earth-friendly winter beauty gifts

With only one lockdown till Christmas, there is no better time than now to stock up on stocking fillers or that perfect Christmas tree beauty gift!

Bunch Skincare has a selection of 9 organic face and body oils suitable for women and men of all skin tones. Face and body oils are winter skincare routine must-have, providing much-needed nourishment and an extra bit of protection during cold weather.

Each product comes in two sizes, 30ml body oils and 15ml pocket-size face oils will solve your stocking filler dilemmas, while 100ml body oils and 30ml face oils will look the part under any Christmas tree.

The small, but perfectly formed collection includes:

- All-natural After Sun face and body oils (fragrance-free version available).

- Moisturising body oils (fragrance-free available).

- Toning body oil.

- Two further oils for face - Balancing blend for oily/combination skin and Antioxidant oil to nourish and boost tired complexion.

Bunch Skincare is based in Letchworth Garden City, the world's first garden city, home to the famous black squirrel and UK first roundabout! Founded by Gosia, skincare formulator, qualified pharmacist, nature lover, flat shoe fanatic and practical jokes addict!

Apply nature to your skin with Bunch Skincare.

Eco-friendly notes to the editor:

Minimal packaging with a splash of colour can be reused or repurposed and will not look 'last season' just after Christmas. Bunch Skincare strives to have the lowest possible impact on the world by ensuring all elements of Bunch Skincare Christmas packaging can be recycled, reused or repurposed. Bunch Skincare does not use glitter and Christmas wrapping is minimal, but stylish.

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About Bunch Skincare and Haircare

Founded by a qualified pharmacist with 14 years of experience in the industry, trained skincare formulator and lover of the natural and simple life, Bunch Skincare combines the science and art of skincare formulation with a sprinkle of fun and care for the natural world. Bunch Skincare delivers professionally formulated, beautifully packaged, natural products containing all you need and nothing you don’t to look after your skin and hair in a natural, sustainable, easy to understand and simple way, as in the words of Leonardo da Vinci ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Apply nature to your skin with Bunch Skincare!

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