Propel your hair to freshness with Revitalise Dry Shampoo jam-packed with benefits beyond clean hair!

We've all been there: no time or will to wash hair, but a burning desire for another great hair day! Bunch Revitalise Dry Shampoo will solve this issue for you!

New from Bunch Haircare, this 100% natural and vegan dry shampoo is blended with highly absorbent natural arrowroot and rice starches, remineralising white and pink clays plus coconut-derived charcoal which absorb oil, sweat and odour and restore volume and bounce. 

The gentle formula is enriched with nettle, panthenol and allantoin providing lasting benefits beyond clean hair!

In keeping with other Bunch products, this botanical, vegan dry shampoo formula contains everything you need and nothing you don't to look after your hair in a natural, sustainable and easy to understand way. What does it mean? It means it is free-from propellants and very alkaline baking soda which could upset your acidic scalp.

Benefit Ingredients:

Panthenol – one of the hero vitamins of haircare! It has the ability to improve hair's shine, softness and strength. It can also protect your hair during styling and prevent environmental damage.

Allantoin – it is known for its soothing and hydrating properties. It promotes skin regeneration and can help keep your scalp in perfect condition.

Nettle – nettle powder and extract has been used for centuries to help prevent hair loss and aid hair re-growth. Nettle leaves are rich in minerals, flavonoids, silica and sulphur, which help make hair shinier and stronger! Nettle is also known for its anti-allergenic properties, which can help relieve itchy scalp. 

Great for women and men and all hair types, including treated and dyed. 

Available in zingy peppermint-mandarin scent or fragrance-free version.

Packed in compostable cardboard tube made in the UK.

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Founded by a qualified pharmacist with 14 years of experience in the industry, trained skincare formulator and lover of the natural and simple life, Bunch Skincare combines the science and art of skincare formulation with a sprinkle of fun and care for the natural world. Bunch Skincare delivers professionally formulated, beautifully packaged, natural products containing all you need and nothing you don’t to look after your skin and hair in a natural, sustainable, easy to understand and simple way, as in the words of Leonardo da Vinci ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Apply nature to your skin with Bunch Skincare!

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