Leading Cancer Charities share bold message to all this World Cancer Day

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL Tuesday 4 February @ 00.01.

FILM AVAILABLE AT https://youtu.be/xTj4MXIaoV4 (will be released Tuesday 4 February @ 08:30)



Dozens of the UK’s leading cancer charities have banded together this World Cancer Day (Tuesday 4 February) and unveiled a heart-warming short film in a bid to raise awareness of cancer and to provide support to everyone affected by the disease.

The uplifting film called ‘Standing Together’ sees leaders and representative from 17 organisations from across the country reading aloud a moving poem written by the founder of Cancer Central – a digital platform offering cancer support for those affected and their loved ones.

Cancer organisations ‘Standing Together’ include (in alphabetical order) - ABC Diagnosis, Anthony Nolan, Bowel Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Care Map, Cancer Central, Cancer on Board, CancerPal, Duffus Cancer Foundation, Lymphoma Outloud, Met UP UK, Mummy’s Star, SimPal, Teenage Cancer Trust, World Child Cancer, Worldwide Cancer Research, Youth Cancer Trust.

The emotional poem was written by Avril Chester - Founder and CEO of the organisers of the event, Cancer Central. She said: “I wanted to bring cancer charities together to help make something special for everyone affected by cancer. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you often lose hope; you’re scared and can feel alone.

“But there are so many amazing organisations out there who provide incredible support and help, bringing 17 of them together to give a voice to hope - and the future - means so much to so many. ‘Standing Together’ is an important film that I hope resonates with those who watch it and offers some support to those in need of it right now.

“I’m urging people to watch and share this video on World Cancer Day to let people know they’re not alone, and that by ‘Standing Together’ we can do more to support everyone who needs it.”

The poem touches on being united together and that this friendship between charities is something cancer cannot destroy. It was filmed and edited by the NHS Digital team based in London.

Cancer Central is a growing not-for-profit digital platform that allows people living with or caring for others living with cancer find vital information and support at times of need.

Searching the world for new answers to cancer, Worldwide Cancer Research is one of the charities to back the campaign. Dr Helen Rippon, Chief Executive of the charity, said: “We are thrilled to be part of this incredible movement with so many likeminded charities this World Cancer Day. The poem exudes a real sense of movement, togetherness and action. We hope it reminds anyone who might be losing hope that there are so many charities determined and committed to finding the cures for cancer to end the suffering and death it causes.

“At Worldwide Cancer Research, we’re bold and brave with our approach to cancer research, just like those affected by cancer so often have to be. We solely fund research at discovery stage, backing the brightest minds in cancer research around the world on their quest to find new preventions, treatments and cures for cancer.

“We can’t wait to see what Avril and her team get up to this year at Cancer Central and hope to continue to work closely with many of the charities involved in 2020.”

For more information about Cancer Central, or to find out more about the campaign and the charities involved, please visit www.cancercentral.org.uk.


Issued by Cancer Central. For all enquiries, please contact:

Avril Chester - ave@cancercentral.org.uk


Here we all are

On World Cancer Day,

United and together

With something to say.

This is a message for you, dear Cancer

Believing we’re compliant,

Suggest you sit up and listen

‘Cause this message is defiant.

Whilst you put us through fear

And uncontrollable tears,

Whilst you made us weak

As we went to sleep,

Whilst you watched all smug

As we were sliced and drugged,

Whilst you put our lives on hold

As we tried to be brave and bold

Let me tell you

Let me tell you now,

We’re a force to be reckoned with

Start seeing the crowd.

We are standing together

Declaring we’ll never give in,

We’ll rise from the ashes

Flames fuelled from within.

You will not take our future

Or our happiness or joy,

For our friendships combined

Is something you cannot destroy.

So why don’t you just run along now

For we’re celebrating our highlife,

Full of love and compassion, singing

We’ll be triumphant in life.

~ Avril Chester

About Cancer Central

Avril Chester founded the company in 2018 after surviving breast cancer. Cancer Central is a new and growing digital platform providing a central source of information for those affected by cancer & those who care for them. Ave your virtual assistant is here to help you find information specific to your cancer type. You can find helplines, counselling, insurance, skincare, respite, events and more; locally or online. Ave is connected to the NHS. If you have a question about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, living with & prevention of a certain type of cancer, she will respond where information exists.

Cancer Central’s creation is a story about community. Over 30,000 hours have been donated by 200+ individuals and 30+ organisations with major contributions from TechFINIUM, ROQ and Evouke. To join the Cancer Central journey, follow on @CancerCentralUK on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and @CancerCentralTV YouTube. #HelpisHere www.cancercentral.org.uk


Worldwide Cancer Research is Scotland’s only cancer research charity which funds discovery research into any type of cancer – because the first step is the most important. We back the brightest minds in cancer research all around the world in their quests to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. The charity receives no government funding and we rely solely on the funds of our supporters to kick-start cancer cures across the world.

Since Worldwide Cancer Research was founded in 1979, cancer survival rates have doubled but cancer remains the world’s second biggest killer. In the last 40 years we have:

• Invested £200m into cancer research worldwide

• Devoted £100m to cancer research in the UK

• Funded 2000 projects in over 30 countries

• Funded 1200 researchers

But 1 in 2 people are still diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. For us, that’s 1 in 2 too many.

Bold research will cure cancer – but we can’t do it alone. Visit www.worldwidecancerresearch.org to find out how you can help us search the world for the cures to cancer.

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About Cancer Central

Cancer Central is the first award winning HealthTech cancer platform using AI to guide people affected by cancer to find the support and information they need. A place for both cancer patients and their carers. A UK based charity (1202482) created from over 70,000 donated hours and founded by Avril Chester in 2018. Avril started her mission to create a centralised hub after noting disparate channels to find support for practical issues and services, such as hats, clothing, physical activity, financial advice & local support during her own diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer in 2015/16.

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