Certified Made in the UK Launch Online Platform for UK Businesses

Certified Made in the UK design and manufacturing organisation is launching a dedicated online platform and specialist support for UK businesses across every industry. The organisation have also developed a product trademark for any business who design or manufacture products in the UK.

Certified Made in the UK help businesses to improve sustainablility, develop education and skills initiatives, and support product development by connecting businesses with UK production.

"UK design and manufacturing is world renowned and often synonymous with quality. The product mark enables businesses to promote supply chain transparency, and helps consumers who want to buy UK made products and want to know how their purchases were produced." says organisation co-founder Debbie Moorhouse. "Through our online network businesses can create and manage their company profile, advertise jobs, access marketing tools and receive sales and business opportunities. We also offer a free online sourcing service for businesses and professionals who want to find UK suppliers."

For more information, partnerships and to become a member please visit www.certifiedmadeintheuk.org

About Certified Made in the UK

Certified Made in the UK is a design and manufacturing business organisation for every industry. As well as supporting UK design and craftsmanship, we also establish education initiatives and help businesses to improve sustainability. www.certifiedmadeintheuk.org