How can charities be more inclusive?

Charity Culture Catalyst offer an inclusion calendar to support charities to communicate more inclusively. The clickable calendar contains informative guides to diversity and inclusion related days in the UK. This includes religious and awareness raising days.

The inclusion calendar provides background information on the days themselves, tips for supporting and engaging with others on these days and additional resources to find out more about the days.

There is also a list of additional awareness days at the end of the calendar that may be useful to reference.

One example from the calendar is on 17th January 2021 which is World religion day. This day is held on the third Sunday of every year to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony.

Members of different faiths are encouraged to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have. Multi-faith events are held to connect different faith members and share experiences around a common goal. The idea is that people will use the opportunity to talk about their own faith and what it means to them. People can use the additional resources to educate themselves about world religions.

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