Institute offers “free” green finance course enabling finance professionals to pass the “Carney Test”.

27th October 2021

In the run up to COP26, the Institute, as one of the leading global professional bodies in green and sustainable finance, is delighted to announce that it has made elements of its programmes (freely) available to a wider audience through a new module, “Foundations of Green and Sustainable Finance”

To pass what we are calling the ‘Carney Test’, after UN Special Envoy Mark Carney stated that “… every professional financial decision takes climate change into account...” then it follows that every finance professional needs to develop and apply a knowledge and understanding of climate change and sustainability to the extent appropriate for their role, function and organisation. This knowledge and understanding then needs to be applied to advise, finance, and support customers and communities as they transition towards more sustainable, low-carbon futures.

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive, Chartered Banker Institute commented: “The Institute continues to lead the development of green and sustainable finance education and training for bankers worldwide. In 2018, we launched the Green Finance Certificate, the world’s first benchmark qualification for green finance. Updated in 2020, and renamed the Green and Sustainable Finance Certificate, it is now available through a network of partners in 40 countries. The most recent version was launched in October 2021.

It is our hope that, by making this learning opportunity available to as many individuals within the sector as possible, we will help to build the necessary capacity, capabilities and culture required if we are to achieve mid-century and interim climate change targets, and hasten the progress towards ensuring that what we currently view as best practice, in terms of incorporating ESG and sustainability into lending and investment decisions and other financial activities, becomes standard practice – in all financial institutions, everywhere”


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