Co Charger Launches app enabling neighbours to share EV charging

Electric cars are better for the planet and cheaper to run than their petrol and diesel counterparts. In September 2020 The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) figures showed that electric and plug in car registrations grew substantially to more than one in ten registrations. However the majority of these vehicles will have been sold to motorists who have a home charging point.

But what about those who live in flats or terraced houses without anywhere to install an EV charging point? According to the English Housing Survey 2016 this group represents at least 40% of the population. To date the perceived solution has been to dramatically increase the number of public charging points. However installing them can be a lengthy and costly process and it's unlikely to happen at the rate necessary to reach the government's target of a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035.

An innovative approach to this obstacle has been created by Co Charger, a new platform enabling those who do have chargers, whether motorists, businesses or community buildings to share them with neighbours who don't.

Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger said, 'It's a simple, community-based solution to the biggest barrier facing the adoption of electric vehicles: how to be an electric vehicle owner if you cannot charge at home. Millions of people want to ditch their fossil fuel vehicles in favour of electric ones but won't until they have the convenience, affordability and reliability of home charging. Co Charger gives those people the confidence to switch by making it easy for a neighbour with a charger to make it available to them – cheaply and dependably.

The biggest cost of charging a car is the charger itself. The beauty of Co Charger is that by making more use of existing chargers it gives the advantages of charging whilst at home to everyone – right now. The Chargee gets their electric car and the Host's charger earns its keep. Everyone wins.'

It limits the need for the disruption and expense of public charger installation and provides the closest experience possible to home charging for its Chargees.'

The Co Charger app connects Hosts with Chargees. It is available for both iOS and Android, free to download and there is no subscription.

Hosts are motorists and organisations with an EV charger they'd be open to sharing, whether that's a neighbour or a community organisation or business such as a village hall or dental surgery. The app enables Hosts to manage bookings and set the price they would like to charge for the service. It's an easy way for hosts to not only help create cleaner, greener neighbourhoods but also to make some additional income from regular local bookings.

Chargees are people who have an electric vehicle, or are considering buying one but aren't able to charge at home. Co Charger offers them an option other than public charging points and one that's more convenient and economical. Using the app, Chargees can browse local charge points and see rates that apply for each Host.

Hosts will probably want to be present for the initial charging sessions to show Chargees the ropes, but after that the Chargee will be able run them independently. Chargees can feel secure in the knowledge that they have a reliable and convenient means to charge their cars. Payment operates on the AirBnB model, with the Chargee paying Co Charger and Co Charger passing that onto the Host, after taking a nominal fee. More information about how charging sessions are managed are available in the Co Charger FAQs.

'Co Charger doesn't do strangers,' says Joel Teague. 'It's about neighbours and communities, regular ongoing arrangements between the same people week in, week out. We want to bring the benefits of home EV charging to everyone so whether you're considering becoming a Host or Chargee it's worth downloading the app and seeing what's available in your area.'

Co Charger is actively collaborating with other organisations and businesses such as councils and car manufacturers to raise awareness of Community Charging and help accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

Notes to editors

About Co Charger

Co Charger is developing a community that will help accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Through our app and collaborations we enable people who cannot charge a vehicle at home to do so within a short walking distance.

Co Charger is an environmentally and socially responsible company and aiming to become a B corporation certified organisation.

Co Charger is affiliated with the Co Cars family which also includes Co Bikes and Co Delivery. Together we are accelerating towards a shared, zero-emissions future.

Co Charger Host – financial incentive

If a Host has 4 Chargees each doing an average mileage (7800) in cars with average efficiency a Host could potentially make £470 a year in total.

This is based on the Host having an electricity tariff of 15p per kWh, and charging £1.70 an hour.

If the Host and the 4 Chargees use charge scheduling to use cheap electricity on a variable tariff (eg Octopus Go at 5p per kWh from 00.30am to 04.30am) the Host's profit rises to over £1300 a year.

Each of the 4 Chargees would be paying around £9 a week/£480 per year to charge their cars and would not have the added expense of installing a charger.

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phone – 01392 2400840/07941888679

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Joel Teague and the development of Co Charger

'Five years ago a neighbour convinced me, a card-carrying petrol-head to get an electric car,' says Joel Teague. 'The car arrived but my charger was delayed and I found myself giving that same neighbour a few quid to use their charger once a week until mine arrived. It led to a lightbulb moment where I thought of all the people blocked from getting an electric vehicle because they live in a flat or terraced house and don't have anywhere to charge. It prompted me to launch Co Charger, a 'matchmaking' app connecting Hosts with a charger with neighbours who want somewhere to charge, helping to create cleaner, greener neighbourhoods and fight climate change.'

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