Devon man Joel Teague launches Co Charger to connect neighbours and communities via electric vehicle charger sharing app

Lympstone resident Joel Teague has launched Co Charger, a new platform enabling those who do have electric car chargers, whether motorists, businesses or community buildings to share them with neighbours who don't.

'Five years ago a neighbour in Lympstone convinced me, a card-carrying petrolhead to get an electric car,' explains Joel. 'The car arrived but my charger was delayed and I found myself giving that same neighbour a few quid to use their charger once a week until mine arrived. It led to a lightbulb moment where I thought of all the people blocked from getting an electric vehicle because they live in a flat or terraced house and don't have anywhere to charge. It prompted me to launch Co Charger, a 'matchmaking' app connecting hosts with a charger with neighbours who want somewhere to charge, helping to create cleaner, greener neighbourhoods and fight climate change. Most importantly, it also means that those who would love to have an electric car will finally be able to buy one – confident in the knowledge that they can charge reliably and economically with a local host.'

The app handles communications, bookings, reminders, calculations and payments. Hosts can set the price they'd like to charge for the service and have the option to make extra income.

Joel, who has lived in Devon for 12 years and used to be a project manager for the Met Office says, 'Devon – and Exeter in particular was always the perfect place for Co Charger to be created. It has one of the highest levels of EV ownership in the UK plus a wonderful community culture and hunger for innovation. Co Charger was launched under lock down in April, but we have a great team based in the South West working and communicating online to develop and launch the business.'

The Co Charger app is free to download and there are no subscriptions. Hosts can be private individuals or any organisation with an electric charger, such as a community centre, church hall or doctors' surgery. For more information check out Co Charger.


National press release

A more detailed press release is available on request, or can be downloaded from the Co Charger media room.

About Co Charger

Co Charger is developing a community that will help accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Through our app and collaborations we enable people who cannot charge a vehicle at home to do so within a short walking distance.

Co Charger is an environmentally and socially responsible company and aiming to become a B corporation certified organisation.

Co Charger is affiliated with the Co Cars family which also includes Co Bikes and Co Delivery. Together we are accelerating towards a shared, zero-emissions future.

Electric car sales

Electric cars are better for the planet and cheaper to run than their petrol and diesel counterparts. In September 2020 The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) figures showed that electric and plug in car registrations grew substantially to more than one in ten registrations. However the majority of these vehicles will have been sold to motorists who have a home charging point.

Media contact and interviews

Co Charger CEO Joel Teague is available for interview via Skype, Zoom or in person, respecting social distancing guidelines.

phone – 01392 240840/07941888679

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