Sharing electric vehicle chargers can help Liverpool residents beat climate change – and clean air zone charges

Liverpool City Council is planning to launch a consultation into the creation of a Clean Air Zone to improve the city's air quality. This may result in a charging zone for vehicles entering the city centre that fail to meet emission standards – likely Euro 6 for diesel and Euro 4 for petrol.

Liverpool motorists who want to make the shift to an electric or plug-in vehicle ahead of any changes, and to make their contribution to a cleaner, greener Liverpool, can benefit from a new initiative which enables electric vehicle charger sharing.

Co Charger is a platform which connects motorists with EV chargers on their driveway with those in flats and terraces who want to change an electric or plug-in hybrid car. The app handles the 'matchmaking', bookings and payments. Charger owners can earn additional income by renting out their charger and wannabe EV owners can finally make the switch.

'Liverpool is renowned for its community spirit, and sharing EV chargers is a way in which neighbourhoods can come together to beat climate change,' says Joel Teague of Co Charger.

Co Charger has been featured in national newspapers and television and there are now more home electric vehicle chargers available than Tesla destination chargers.

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Media contact and interviews

Co Charger CEO Joel Teague is available for interview via Skype, Zoom or in person, respecting social distancing guidelines. Joel has very media-friendly and has appeared on BBC News Channel, Radio 5 Live and many local BBC stations talking about all aspects of electric vehicles. Sample interview here Joel Teague talking electric vehicles on BBC Radio Devon


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About Co Charger

Co Charger is developing a community that will help accelerate electric vehicle adoption. Through our app and collaborations we enable people who cannot charge a vehicle at home to do so within a short walking distance.

Co Charger is an environmentally and socially responsible company and aiming to become a B corporation certified organisation.

Co Charger is affiliated with the Co Cars family which also includes Co Bikes and Co Delivery. Together we are accelerating towards a shared, zero-emissions future.

Co Charger is actively collaborating with other organisations and businesses such as councils and car manufacturers to raise awareness of Community Charging and help accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

Payment operates with the Chargee paying Co Charger and Co Charger passing that onto the host, after taking a nominal fee. The Co Charger app is available for both iOS and Android, free to download and there is no subscription. More information about how charging sessions are managed are available in the Co Charger FAQs.

Co Charger Host – financial incentive

If a Host has 4 Chargees each doing an average mileage (7800) in cars with average efficiency a host could potentially make £470 a year in total.
This is based on the Host having an electricity tariff of 15p per kWh, and charging £1.70 an hour.
If the Host and the 4 Chargees use charge scheduling to use cheap electricity on a variable tariff (eg Octopus Go at 5p per kWh from 00.30am to 04.30am) the Host's profit rises to over £1300 a year.
Each of the 4 Chargees would be paying around £9 a week/£480 per year to charge their cars and would not have the added expense of installing a charger.

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