Parenting Week (19th-23rd October) – Why both you and your child deserve some me time!

It goes without saying that lockdown has been really hard on us all – none more so than busy, working parents. Thankfully, with the kids back at school, families can once again enjoy their evenings and weekends and make the most of their down time together. But, as the nation celebrates Parenting Week - and with half term on the horizon! - it’s important that parents prioritise their own wellbeing and set aside time for themselves; when they’re not mum, dad, laundry washer, chef or taxi driver.

- In 1965, parents spent around 52 minutes a day with their kids, and now it’s about 104* (not including this year’s lockdown obviously!) – so whilst parents are now more attentive than ever, they’re bound to be relinquishing their own free time to make up the shortfall

- By taking full advantage of local community groups and after-school clubs, parents can free up anything from half an hour to a full day to run errands, see non-isolating family members or just enjoy a cup of tea whilst it’s still warm!

- Children should also be given time to explore their own passions and hobbies without feeling the need to look to their parents for guidance or hand-holding

- Despite the ongoing restrictions caused by the pandemic, many clubs and groups are still able to operate safely – kids coding club, Code Ninjas, included!

Grant Smith, VP of Education for Code Ninjas, can offer a handy guide about why parents shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying some downtime without the kids? The piece would also offer some tips on how to make sure both parties are getting the most out of the time apart too.

If this is of interest, contact Kelly Ayres on 07895 876745 or email

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