We still have the consciousness needed to create an Industrial Revolution, not to deal with its aftermath.

Consciousness Beyond Consumerism: A Psychological Path to Sustainability is a new book, being launched on the 2nd August 2021, that demonstrates we can create a more sustainable society by developing a new level of consciousness. If we do not, our consumerism will continue to destroy the environment upon which our lives depend.

We are at the tipping point of destroying what makes planet Earth habitable for humans and many other life forms. Most of the solutions already

exist and a multitude of people are working to implement them. Yet, despite this, each day, the crisis worsens. The consciousness that created the crisis is still too dominant in westernised societies. If we are to create a more sustainable society, we now need to develop a new level of consciousness.

Consciousness Beyond Consumerism: A Psychological Path to Sustainability draws on psychology, religion, science, philosophy and economics to demonstrate how our consciousness has been industrialised over centuries, becoming the root of our current sustainability crisis. Part one enables readers to examine their mind and understand how your consciousness supports and reinforces our unsustainable economy. Part two demonstrates how we can individually and collectively develop a new level of consciousness, to enable sustainable living, and provides practical techniques to support this personal growth.

“This is a profound tool for liberation. It will change the way you think, but more, much more, it will change the way you feel.” - Ed Mayo, CEO Pilotlight, co-founder of the Fairtrade Mark and former Director of the New Economics Foundation and Secretary General of Co-operatives UK.

About the Author

Terence Sexton BSc. MSc. MBA is a Business Psychologist with over twenty years of experience consulting across a wide range of industry sectors. He works mainly with leaders delivering Executive Profiling, Coaching and Leadership Development. In recent years Terence’s focus has been on Sustainability Leadership, helping to ensure businesses are being led by leaders who can co-create a better future. When working with leaders, Terence facilitates the development of their consciousness alongside increasing their skills and knowledge. In doing so, he converts psychological theory and research into practical application. Through his work and studies, Terence has become convinced that we need to collectively develop our consciousness if we are to create a sustainable society.

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Book Details
Book: Consciousness Beyond Consumerism: A Psychological Path to Sustainability.
Author: Terence Sexton
Imprint: Aqumens Publishing
Launch: 2nd August 2021
Price: Paperback £14.95, E-book £8.95.
Pages: 324
ISBN: Paperback 978-1-9168938-0-1, E-book 978-1-9168938-1-8.
Media Pack https://www.consciousnessbeyondconsumerism.org/media-pack

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Terence Sexton
Tel: +44 (0)7900 058166
E-mail: terry@consciousnessbeyondconsumerism.org
Website www.consciousnessbeyondconsumerism.org

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