How to maintain consent & preferences

The prime challenge of GDPR compliance is being able to locate consent and preferences from many different mediums instantly. Organisations often misjudge how much data they have within their technology stack. The records they contain are often littered with duplicating/conflicting preferences in disparate systems and are not accessible to the rest of the business.

The introduction to new technology has the ability to increase this risk if not integrated. Marketers always want to find a quick and easy solution to being compliant and what more than having a centralised system.

In this new age of data privacy, there are more regulations being introduced with the aim of guaranteeing healthy data. To ensure compliance with evolving global privacy regulation, a system needs two major attributes:



Capturing this data, warehousing and on-demand availability for disparate systems is large scale engineering.

Organisations feel secure when a system reliably collects information and delivers real-time availability, all from one central hub.

There are so many collection points for preferences and consent across multiple channels, with the ConsentEye profile being completely customisable and fed by an open API, data can be collected from anywhere then made available on-demand to any business system. This also allows you to centralise a user profile, making taking action on data subject access requests, change requests and breach management as simple as clicking a button

Customer should have easy access to change their consents and preferences. By allowing customers to change their preferences is the key to retaining engagement.

“Opt-down, not out”

That feeling of empowerment is something which customers enjoy. The information they divulge is a value exchange, the customer is expecting personalisation, offers etc. Giving an opportunity to offer granular options, more importantly, being able to respect and act upon them is the key to retaining engagement.

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About ConsentEye

Paul Tarantino founded ConsentEye in 2017 after seeing many Enterprise businesses spending double digit millions of pounds building their own consent management/realtime decision engines to manage customer preferences in line with new Data Privacy Regulations. There was nothing available off-the-shelf at that time so with a career working at the cutting edge of IT helping global CXO's fix business issues with technology he decided to build a world class consent lifecycle management system for organisations that needed a solution fast, for an affordable price to comply with the GDPR. It is was the first GDPR compliant Consent Lifecycle Management Cloud Platform. ConsentEye enables organisations to comply with the GDPR, enables their customers to withdraw consent and increase efficiencies by centralising all consent captured across multiple systems and applications.