Create Designs intern becomes Head of Web Design after less than three years

Create Designs is delighted to announce that their intern Sophie Warner has progressed to become the company's new Head of Design within less than three years. To make this feat even more impressive, Sophie has achieved this after joining the business directly from Farnborough 6th Form College in March 2016 with absolutely no prior design or office-based experience.

She is the latest success story from the company's industry-leading internship programme that is aimed at individuals with the perfect attitude to succeed, in spite of lacking vital skills and experience in website design and marketing. Create Designs believes strongly in developing individuals 'on the job,' and Sophie is now very much looking forward to the challenge of her new role. Despite economic uncertainty, Create Designs has reported solid growth in the last year.

James Thurlow-Craig, Managing Director of Create Designs, said: "With the website design industry primarily consisting of small to medium-sized agencies, there is no 'one size fits all' approach to recruiting the right individuals. I am a firm believer in making these decisions based on 'soft skills,' and although attitude, drive and determination cannot be taught, website design can! This stance has enabled us to scale and grow steadily with every passing year as a result of the hard work from our team."

Sophie Warner added: "Create Designs gave me the chance to expand my skillset and develop my career in an industry which normally requires years of previous experience - a rare but valuable opportunity for website designers. When I first joined the company, I had absolutely no experience in any of the software that we use, and I'd never even worked in an office before. I've progressed rapidly since then, and I am now proud to manage a team of designers."

To find out more about Create Designs and how they operate as a combined website design consultancy and marketing agency, visit their website: They can be contacted on 01252 759340 or

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