Creative Portal to give creatives a new avenue to employment

Creative Portal, an ambitious new venture designed specifically to give performers, artists and designers an opportunity to showcase their respective abilities, is now live.

The company has been developed to allow creative individuals to get their work, skills, attributes or talents seen by members of the public, casting executives, and those on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’.

Whether a dancer or painter, performance artist or poet, musician or designer, Creative Portal provides an opportunity for work to be seen, enjoyed and appreciated far and wide.

However, it is much more than simply a portfolio-hosting hub for those who live for creativity.

While there are numerous websites already available that allow users to upload videos, audio files and images so as to display their work, there are very few – if any – that use their medium as a means of connecting individuals and enabling collaboration.

One of the platform’s most attractive features is that for creative users, it is free to use. Building a portfolio, highlighting one’s work and showing the world what one can do costs absolutely nothing, and this is an invaluable benefit in a sector that is currently going through financial hardship in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The platform, which can be used as a website or via a bespoke app, has been designed specifically to be user-friendly and to have a robust, intelligent search function, meaning that it has never been easier to match talent with projects that can harness their unique abilities.

Speaking about what inspired him to pursue the idea of Creative Portal, the company’s founder, Mike Cobb-Pernak, said: “The creative communities are unselfish; they have the capacity to share and co-operate, and that had fuelled my ambition to not only give something back, but make the collaborative process that much more effective.

“Socially and politically I believe that expressive arts can bring huge benefits to society and can play a massive role in bolstering people’s wellbeing. Helping people to live their best lives, as well as enabling inclusivity and encouraging participation from everyone who has a creative bone in their body, is also a large reason why the platform is free to use.”

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About Creative Portal

Creative Portal is an online hub for artists to display and promote their work. Founder and co-director Mike Cobb-Pernak started the business after spending over 40 years teaching in the creative sector. The hope is that the portal becomes the 'go-to' online gallery for up-and-coming and established creatives, whether they be artists, musicians, actors or others in the creative professions.

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