What do highway code changes mean for cyclists?

The Highway Code has introduced new changes from January 29th, 2022. These changes, brought in by the Department for Transport, aim to improve the safety of all road users. Part of the update to the Highway Code will be a new ‘Hierarchy of Road Users’, however, only 57% of the British population is aware of this. New changes create stronger priorities for vulnerable road users, including cyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders.

Although only 3% of all UK cyclists are known to cycle daily, cycling is still known as very popular money-saving and environmentally friendly way of commuting.

Around 42% of Brits accessed or owned a bike in 2021, therefore cyclists take up a significant part of the road traffic. According to Finder, 83% of children below the age of 10 and 24% of over 60s own a bike. These two age groups are considered even more vulnerable and require other traffic members to take greater care around them.

The hierarchy of road users categorises road users who are most at risk to those who are most responsible for the safety of others when on the road. Cyclists have been moved to the second most vulnerable category, right after pedestrians, due to being very likely to be injured in a collision.

14% of Brits don’t know about the highway code changes, therefore cycleGuard, who has been insuring professional, amateur, and family cyclists for over 20 years has taken this opportunity to make everyone aware of the new highway code changes and therefore ensure their safety on the roads.

According to the government statistics, over 16,000 cyclists were injured on UK roads in 2020. More than 4,000 of those cyclists were seriously injured, with 141 sadly killed. During 2020, there was a 41% rise in the number of cyclists fatally injured in the UK.

Alex Bennett, Head of Marketing at cycleGuard said “Cyclists can be vulnerable members of the road traffic community, so it is important that any changes to the highway code are understood by all road users. Increased understanding will help to keep everyone safe whether they be a pedestrian, cyclist or driver.”

Whether you are a professional or amateur cyclist, cycleGuard has investigated the meaning of the new highway code changes for cyclists to encourage safety on the roads.

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