Divorce during the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the entire country confined to their homes due to the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, it can only be expected that stress levels within the home will be at their peak. Home-schooling children whilst working from home can only add another layer to pressure on a married couples relationship. That is assuming jobs are still secure, for many they have the worry of losing their job, at a time when they cannot even attempt to hunt for a new job.

During these strained times in the home, sharing the household chores and childcare, and perhaps trying a new hobby together can help people get through the weeks ahead.

If you find yourself in a situation, where you cannot bear to spend another moment with your partner, and the only option forward is divorce, then it is still possible to apply for a divorce. The judiciary system is trying their very best to continue operating as normal. Although, many low priority court cases are being postponed, most family courts are operating over video links to relevant parties.

However, most divorces do not involve attending court. Only when there is a disagrement on the division of assets require court attendance. If you can come to an ammicable decision on the split of assets, a consent order can be drafted with the agreement of both parties the sets out how the assets are to be divided. The consent order can now be emailed to court to minimise any human contact.

The initial application of divorce can be done online now, removing the need for any human contact.

Carol Sullivan, of Divorce Negotiator Ltd, says "We recommend couples divorce ammicably as this makes it easier for both parties going forward after divorce, especially if there are children involved. This would normally involve a joint meeting where husband and wife meet with a Divorce Negotiator to explain how the divorce process works, how to best divide assets fairly, in a way a judge will agree to the consent order. This meeting can now take place over a conference call or video conferencing."

Applications for divorce can be made online and consent orders can be emailed to court. It is expected, like any other business, the workforce at the courts will be suffering from and sickness and self-isolation of staff.

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