Divorce Negotiator’s New Express Divorce Service Does Paper Work and financial settlement in 2 days

Divorce Negotiator is offering an express divorce service nationwide, where couples can amicably complete all the paperwork for their divorce, and negotiate the financial division of assets in just 2 days. They will process the paperwork with the courts at the appropriate times to ensure everything goes through in the most timely manner reducing cost and the stresses associated with divorce to make a difficult time much easier.

With the growth of online petitions more and more petitioners are self-representing in divorce cases, and even despite the rollout of new divorce centres to handle the volume of cases, petitioners are waiting four to six months longer for their cases to come to court.

No fault divorces are currently under review by the government but despite high hopes that they will speed up and simplify divorce proceedings in the UK, the reality is only 3% of divorce cases are contested, meaning that no-fault divorce procedures will only benefit 3600 or so of the 120,000 divorces that occur each year.

Furthermore, while no-fault divorces reduce conflict at the start of the process, as there will be no need to give reasons for the break-up, things change dramatically at the division of assets stage. How jointly owned assets, are divided will always be the biggest disagreement.

Says Carol Sullivan of Divorce Negotiator, “Bear in mind that when both sides are striving to get the absolute maximum of the share of assets in a marriage, the actual legal costs are overlooked (especially by the solicitors), who would gladly argue over say £5000, that could ultimately cost the client an additional £2000 in fees. Moreover, clients will likely be holding entrenched positions and may not budge “on principle” no matter what their solicitor tells them.”

The need for a streamlined, legally guided service that promotes fast completion of forms and papers that are legally acceptable by the courts will meet urgent needs of divorcees. “No-Fault Divorces will, of course, help couples, but we need to focus on how we can reduce the stress during the financial settlement which causes the most animosity and costs the most amount of money!" says Carol Sullivan of Divorce Negotiator.


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