No VAT on Divorce Consent Order Drafting

Consent Orders Online are offering the drafting of Consent Orders with no VAT. That is a 20% reduction on the cost of drafting a Consent Order.

A Consent Order is an important part of a divorce, as it allows both parties to draw up an arrangement for their finances consentually. The consent order prevents either party making a financial claim on the other in the future. So it provides peace of mind for both parties.

Consent Orders Online have the necessary skills to help negotiate an order that is agreeable to both parties and one that will be approved by a judge. To ensure the order gets approval by the judge, the order must be fair to both parties. Financial discloure is essential for order approval.

For those couples seeking a full financial clean break, a consent order is the most cost-effective way to achieve this.

Child Care Arrangements

In addition, to the consent order, child care arrangements can be added to the consent order.

Pension Orders

As part of the Consent Order, pensions must be included in the financial arragements. This can be done with either a pension sharing order or pension offsetting where pensions can be used in offsetting other financial assets.

Carol Sullivan of Consent Orders Online said "Being able to offer consent orders without VAT will now make a consent order affordable for divorcing couples who have assets but do not have a lot of available cash. So many couples get divorced without taking the protection of getting a consent order, leaving themselves open to a financial claim later in life. We appreciate that many are suffering financially during COVID lockdown, so we hope to help those people wanting to get on with their lives."

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