Dominic Mandrell gets behind businesses for MicroBizMatters Day

Dominic Mandrell, the graphic design and illustration specialist currently making waves in the music industry, has thrown his weight behind MicroBizMatters Day.

MicroBizMatters Day is all about taking action, promoting recognition, and engendering learning on behalf of the UK’s small businesses. That means any company which employs under 10 team members and has an annual turnover of less than £2 million. MicroBizMatters Day incorporates events all over the country, as well as social campaigns which will promote the awareness of what the date represents.

As the owner of a small business himself, Dominic Mandrell recognises the importance of the small enterprises which are a key part of the UK economy. MicroBizMatters Day has a diverse set of partners - from accountants to marketing firms and insurers - and as a graphic designer, Dominic is one of many creatives which own, or are part of an SME in the UK.

Dominic Mandrell said: “MicroBizMatters Day is very close to my heart, as I am a small business owner myself, and often collaborate with creatives at a similar stage of growth as my own company. Without smaller businesses, UK business would lose a lot of its individuality and the valued personalised service which so many boutique size enterprises provide.”

Dominic has been a graphic designer and illustrator specialising in producing artwork for over two decades in the music and events industry. Because he is also a DJ and an events organiser in his own right the boundaries between playing/creating events and coming up with the branding and marketing for others blur all the time. As part of Waltham Forest’s London Borough of Culture for example he is both DJing at the council’s flagship opening event Welcome To The Forest’ as well as creating artwork and acting as marketing consultant for ‘The Power of 3’ another LBOC funded gig at Mirth Theatre in February.


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I am a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked in and around the live music, nightlife and festival industry for many years. The boundaries between producing artwork for other promoters as well as marketing their gigs and festivals and producing, conceiving and DJing at my own events blur all the time. I made a realisation that many of the skills I have developed in PR and marketing are transferable to restaurants/bars and the hospitality sector - they are essentially a branch of the entertainment industry after all. My recent contract with award winning Yum Yum thai Restaurant in Walthamstow looking after their social media and marketing needs confirmed this. So I am in the process of starting a new chapter with Tantalize media and creating an agency specialising in looking after the needs of this sector.

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